JustWrite WordPress Theme Review-Free Theme for Writers

JustWrite WordPress Theme Review-Free Theme for Writers

I searched and my author was testing some WordPress themes for the website, which had a large, readable font. Recently, I came to this JustWrite theme. Its name told me, it was good for the author sites. Theme Demo showed a nice, readable font. It has established this topic on my site.

JustWrite WordPress Theme
JustWrite WordPress Theme

There are many free themes that also have large readable fonts, but most of them are the minimum options. Some also do not have the appropriate navigation menu.

This is the theme I am using on my author’s website. It’s not right and definitely there are some short-comings but, looks good. Also, my website is being loaded much faster than the highly customizable theme already being used.

Note that JustWrite can not compare payments / premium topics through any medium.If you prefer to use premium themes, then I would recommend Swift Premium, which Harsh reviewed a while ago. I am also using it on one of my blogs.


Below is a list of JustWrite Themes Features:

  • Big, readable font
  • Customizable logo image, header image and font color
  • Optimize top menu, link and background color
  • Two widgetized sidebar and two mini-sidebar
  • Wide Right Sidebar
  • Very visible on the ‘Back to Top’ button
  • Post excerpts and featured images
  • Theme Options Support
  • Favicon support
  • Featured Post Slider
  • Disable comments, author box and footer credit links
  • Sticky navigation menus

Below, I will talk about the details of the features of JustWait and then I will talk about some short-coming / missing features.

JustWrite WordPress Theme Features

Big, Readable Font

As I mentioned above, I had a big readable font to try this topic. I am a big fan of such fonts and always dislike webpages with small fonts. The first thing to do when visiting a website is to increase the text size in my browser if they use small or small size fonts.

Carol Tise of Living Writing shows that your blog looks nice and clean, transform its blog into a payning-gig magnets in 7 steps in its post. And, there should be a large, readable font that is consistent with your entire blog.

JustWrite has a large and readable font size, which is easy on the reader’s eyes. From another blog, JustWrite Theme Review said “Your eyes do not bleed” (while using this topic). Surely, our eyes were bleeding to read those small font sizes.

There are many other amenities in JustWrite, as you can read below.

Logo image, header image and font color

You can upload an image logo or even a header image, which is good. Blog title and tagline text color can also be selected.

Top menu, link and background color

You can completely customize the look of the top menu via WordPress customizer. Same for link, background, border and font colors


There are four available fonts from Style 1 to Style 4. You can choose to replace typography under the content in the wordpress customizer.

Two mini-sidebar

If your blog / website visitors’ monitor resolution is 1600px or greater, then they will see the mini sidebar on the left side (if you enable them). However, if their monitor resolution is less than the above, then they will not be able to see these sidebar at all. These sidebars are for big screens and if you somehow enable them on a small screen, it will not look good.

Custom footer text

You can customize what you want others to see in the footer. When you install JustWrite, there is a credit link, but under Theme Options, there is an option which is checked, removes this credit link. See screenshots in the Disabled Comments feature below. Not everyone likes to show the credit link on the theme author’s page, so it’s good.

Two Widgetized Sidebar

A widgetized main sidebar on the right side of the main blog page, another post sidebar that appears in a single post. These two widgetized sidebars will be sufficient for most people.

Under widgets, you will also install some widgets like Featured Posts, Popular Posts, Recent Posts, Social Buttons, and a tab called Tab. This tab provides 4 widgets in the widget tabbed form. Cool I will say

Wide Right Sidebar

Many free topics have some narrow sidebar like 270 or so pixels. JustWrite gives you a wide sidebar at 400 pixels. It’s a good idea to display large ads or big headshots and detailed text widgets like popular posts widgets.

Clearly visible ‘back to top’ button in the footer

This is a nice little pair down your blog / website. It is quite noticeable and can not remember the arrows in any large, red circle. Clicking this takes you to the top of the page, whatever page you are on. If you are reading a long page and in the end, it is very easy to scroll, without any reason

Post excerpts and featured images

The simplest topics tested up to date are not the option to display portions on front pages, even if WordPress supports it. At least I do not like a blog that has many full size posts. It is wasting the bandwidth and time of visitors. JustWrite supports this post excerpt feature.

In addition, it also supports featured images, if you upload while publishing the post, you can see the image thumbnail with text excerpt. The authors, dates, and categories are also shown along with the quote.

Theme Options

Some options can be set using the theme option under Appearance on the WordPress Dashboard.

The following options are available:

Favicon support

When someone browses your blog / website, you can upload a custom favicon image to show in the title bar of your browser. There is also a great resource list by Shrivasten, who can create a free favicon for your website / blog.

Featured Post Slider

There is also the option to display a featured post slider with 10 featured posts. Note that in order to display them on the slider, you must mark some posts as featured posts.

Advertisement banner

The second option is to display the ad banner in two sizes – 728x90px and 160x600px. I have not tried it.

If you want to disable comments, disable author box or footer credit link, you can easily do so with theme options.

Note: In case of disabling comments, they are completely disabled. If you want to disable them on pages and enable them on blog posts, then I recommend using the disabled comments WordPress plugin.

Sticky navigation menu

The top navigation menu is sticky, which is a nice feature. When it becomes sticky, you can see the social icon located on the right side of the menu.

Drawbacks / Missing Features

Sticky menu is not sticky

Many times, the top navigation menu, which is expected to be sticky (i.e., sticks to the top of the browser window) is not exactly sticky. I tested it in 4 browsers. Also, I did not get the proper response / response from the subject developer while contacting the e-mail / forum. But, what can we expect with a free theme?

Removing author, dates or categories and custom CSS

By deleting author, dates, or categories, you need to edit PHP files. There is no option to input custom CSS code in the theme. But, if you know a small CSS, then you can install and use simple custom CSS WordPress plugin to change some options.

In this way I removed the date from my blog. It would be nice to have the CSS functionality built into the theme itself.

Fewer fonts

Only four font styles are included with the theme. Although these are good and legible, some web-safe fonts or Google fonts have added some spices.

No support for header tags in widget

You can not use the H1-H6 HTML tags for any text in the sidebar widgets. Even if you use them, the text is displayed in the normal font size. The widget may have been good due to the ability to display large text sizes.

Small widget title font

Widget title font is quite small. Smaller than normal body text font or widget text font size. Large or customizable font would be better. At least, H1-H6 tags should have been supported.

No linkedin social icons

The social icon is missing for LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a very important social network and it should have been supported.

No Footer Widget

There is no support for widgets in the footer. In addition, the HTML does not work in the footer. Both of these features added more value to the theme.

Did you understand what those three points mean above? I did not even do that when I saw them under each post excerpt. Rather than continuing to read or read something else, only three points are shown with the “…” fraction.

It may be confusing to some readers. It would be nice to be able to change PHP files without editing them.

No previous or next post name

Last and next post icons at the end of the posts appear as simple brown arrows. Post names would have been better instead of arrows, as you can see in SML.

Separate sidebar for single posts

The main sidebar does not appear within single posts. The post shows only the sidebar, so widgets from the main sidebar do not appear in a single post. You need to add a widget again in the post sidebar to display them. It could be simplified.

Fanseer author box

There seems to be some compatibility problem between the JustWrite and the Fancier Authorbox plugin. The author box is not displayed, but its two tabs – Bio and latest post-display, though they do nothing to click on them.

Looks like the topic wants to use its own Authorbox functionality

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