How to Keep Your Installed Software Program Up to Date?

How to Keep Your Installed Software Program Up to Date?

Automatically download the latest version of the software program and device driver on your computer.

How to Keep Your Installed Software Program Up to Date?
How to Keep Your Installed Software Program Up to Date?

As new bugs and security issues have been discovered in the software, the vendors usually issue minor upgrades to ensure that their software runs smoothly on a customer’s computer.

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For example, Mozilla released Firefox 2.0, which had a lot of features, but then smaller versions like version were released to fix bugs and other problems that were discovered in version 2.0. How this software cycle works

Not only this, these patches make your software more stable, if you keep all your computer software programs up to date, then many Internet worms and spyware infections can be prevented. But the biggest problem here is that when you install dozens of software programs on your computer, keep an eye on all these updates.

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While there is an excellent “automatic update” feature in Windows and Microsoft Office that will automatically download and install new updates for you in the background, it works only with Microsoft software.

How do you know if there are new releases (or patches) available for all other non-Microsoft software?

The simple answer file is the hippo.

File Hippo is only a small Windows utility that scans your computer for all installed software, and then creates a list of new software releases that may be of interest to you. The good news is that all the link files to download new software versions are also available in the Hippo Report.

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While the file works like a charm to detect the Hippo software release, it does not check for updates to your Windows device drivers (like the motherboard, ethernet controller, printer, sound card, etc.). This is where RadarSync will come in handy. It is again free of light weight and original version file like hippo.

Radar sync scans your computer and creates a report of all device drivers (and software) that are outdated and new updates are available on the vendor’s website. The only downside is that download links are only available to premium customers – free users must manually download device driver updates from the vendor’s website.

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And if you are too lazy to download and install updates automatically, outsource jobs to AppSnap – this free utility will check for a new release of pre-installed software on your computer and if there is an update, AppSnap Software will download from the web also install it for you.

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