You Should Keep Your Passwords Secure on a Piece of Paper

You Should Keep Your Passwords Secure on a Piece of Paper

A simple paper-based move that will help you to create strong, complex and random passwords for different websites.

You Should Keep Your Passwords Secure on a Piece of Paper
You Should Keep Your Passwords Secure on a Piece of Paper

If you use the same password on multiple websites, then you may be in for some trouble.

Ask your password for website, like the password of Now if the website is compromised with BaidVideo site (or is fatal to start with the owner), they will know your password. It’s likely that your username is the same (email address) for both websites, so people can easily log into account and you can impersonate.

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Yes, there are some trusted password managers who work as a strong room for your complex password, but they need to install specific software on the computer. When you want to view your web email on a computer where you do not install your security device and you do not remember your safe, random, email password, what do you do?

Besides, I suspect that you can remember all your passwords for each website, if they are safe from brute-forcing and unique.

Write your password on a paper

What I am trying to solve is to give users an easy way to create unique passwords for each website traveled using paper, credit card size, which you can take in your wallet.

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You only have one piece in which there is a unique (per card) combination of cryptography to help you create a unique password for each website. You can use the RAND () function in the Excel spreadsheet to generate a unique password card.

To create a password, take every letter of the website for which you want to create a password and then take the code related to the table.

You can alternatively (make sure you do it with all your passwords) Interactive password generated with the generated password – this city’s name where you were born, your childhood hero, your favorite The author’s name or something memorable.

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Even if the malicious administrator of the website retrieves your password for that website, they can not impersonate you on PayPal or Amazon because you are no longer reusing the password.

If you use it to type your password every time, then it is a bit cumbersome to use, but when every day your browser is used with a combination of “Remember password” feature, you can only tiny real At the cost of the situation, additional protection is available in your wallet.

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Security includes trade-off, in this case, between utility, portability and robustness, strangeness or more sophisticated attacks. Logically, for the vast majority of people, it is more realistic than carrying an electronic password generator.

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