Keep a Record of Everything You Do on Computer and Web

Keep a Record of Everything You Do on Computer and Web

Learn how your spending time with these free software on a computer – they help you monitor and record each computer activity to help you track your computer usage.

At the same time you do a lot of things on the computer.

You see videos on YouTube, respond to emails, write word documents, upload photos, listen to MP3 music, play games, read blogs, chat with friends, search the web, Share files and do a lot.

So here are some free software programs / web tools that help you to know how you spend time in front of a computer – they record all the computer activities including the websites you visit, the applications you run, etc. We do.

Keep a Record of Everything You Do on Computer and Web
Keep a Record of Everything You Do on Computer and Web

Debut Video Capture – It’s like an internal surveillance camera for your computer that runs in the background and can record a movie of what it does on the desktop.

Unlike other screencasting software, Debit is light weight and therefore will work fine on low-end machines too. Wakoopa

Wakoopa – Available for Windows PCs and Macs, Wakoopa will help you understand how you spend time with different software applications and games installed on the computer.

Since Vakuopa stores all your software logs online, it can also track your computer usage on many computers.

Thumbstrips – This is especially useful for the Wilfers who surf the web using Firefox. Screenshot of Thumbstrips web pages captures images that you see inside of Firefox

It arranges these images in horizontal stripper images in which they used to be. You can also think of ThumbStrips as a visual browser of your web history.

Rescue Time – Available for Windows, Mac and Linux systems, is an effective software to track resume computer usage and other online activity.

The rescue time runs a small monitor in the background, which periodically uploads your activity logs to the web. This way you can access information from any computer connected to the web.

The rescue time will show you exact time with different websites or with each software. Best of all, you can set goals and email alerts to get more productive.

For example, you can set a goal that says, “I want to spend less than 1 hour per day on Google Talk” – if you exceed that limit, you will receive an email alert.

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