Keyboard Shortcuts for Pc and Laptops

Keyboard Shortcuts for Pc and Laptops

Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts

Personal Computer or PC is the essential need of our daily life. When we surf Internet, writing documents or playing games, it takes time to do things on the PC.

If you use keyboard shortcuts  then you may increase speed of your PC or you can say can give a boost to our ability of doing work by using some keyboard shortcuts for PC.

If you use keyboard shorcuts instead of mouse, your PC speed and efficiency will increase. Many of us don’t know that we can do many of our work without using mouse or Touch pad.

Because we know that speed is necessary while doing work on PC. Whether it is Windows or other operating system.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Internet Browser


 to open new tab in browser


 to close tab in browser


 to close the browser

Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Word


 to increase font size


 to decrease font size

Keyboard Shortcuts for Multi Tasking


 to switch between opened windows

 Windows key + Tab

  almost same as Alt+Tab shortcut but shows the windows in a beautiful way


 to switch between tabs in a browser


 To delete the files completely instead of sending them to Recycle Bin

 Window Key+L

 To Lock Window

 Window Key+D

 to go to desktop directly

 Window Key+E

 to go to My Computer


 to open Start Menu


 rename file


search file


close the program


 see properties of files ore drive

 Window Key+M

to minimize the all opening programs


 to see URL’s in address bar in Internet Explorer and My Computer

 Control+drag file

 to make a copy of file, press Control and drag the file with mouse

Control+Shift+drag file

 to make shortcut of file, press Control+Shift and drag the file with mouse

Control+Window Key+F

 to search a computer in same network


 to open print dialogue box


 To refresh ore reload the web page and folders


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