Learn that Facebook Friends Delete You as a Contact

Learn that Facebook Friends Delete You as a Contact

We are no longer Facebook friends. Know that your existing friends secretly remove or delete you as a connection to Facebook.

Facebook Friends
Facebook Friends

“X and Y are friends on Facebook now”

This message is displayed in your Facebook profile whenever you add a new friend to Facebook or another confirmation of your pending request.

But the reverse is not true

you will never know that the existing friends remove you from your Facebook friends list. Your friends’ count will decrease but Facebook will not reveal the name of the person who is unfamiliar to you now.

Although you can play a detective using Unfander, a Facebook app

it will tell you when Facebook is quietly removed as a connection. They are also expanding the alert on email and SMS.

The only negative thing is that Unfriend only works with friends who you’ve added after installing the Facebook application.

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