Learn When Your Website Gets Banned or Panalized in Google

Learn When Your Website Gets Banned or Panalized in Google

This tip will help you to know whether your website or blog is penalized in Google or completely prohibited from their index.

This is a quick tool to help you monitor the health of your website on Google using email and RSS feeds.

Website Banned
Website Banned

You will automatically know that your site has been penalized in the ranking or completely restricted to Google.

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For clarification, ‘punished’ means the site is present in Google but ‘restriction’ refers to a situation where the site is removed from Google and no longer appears in search pages.

Case A: Website has been removed from Google

The site: operator shows a list of the pages of your website in Google’s index. If that count is falling, you can check.


To automatically monitor the counting of your pages inside Google’s index, subscribe to the following RSS feeds – just replace abc.com with your URL.

Case B: The website is penalized in Google

We can easily track the fine by setting a custom report inside Google Analytics.

From Google Analytics, go to Traffic Sources -> Search Engines. Now click on ‘google’ in the Reports section on the right.

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The next page will show a traffic to your blog that exits from Google. Instead of manually checking this report every day, we can set an alert via email -> schedule -> daily, sending every morning.

The PDF report contains a graph for the last days so that you can quickly find any change in traffic patterns.

What’s next: Once you understand that the site has been banned or penalized on Google, it’s time to write a reconsideration request.

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