List of Top Torrent Search Engines

List of Top Torrent Search Engines

Torrent is the best way to download anything from the internet. All you need is an edge client and torrent file and you can start the download. However searching for a particular torrent on any site is not easy and this is why we have torrent search engines that will help you find and download Torrent files for your needs.

Top Torrent Search Engines
Top Torrent Search Engines

Although there are many private and public torrent sites, but here I am listing the torrent search sites that search for these public torrent sites and show you results. This is very easy when you are unable to find any torrent in your favorite torrent site like Pirates and similar torrent sites.

This is a list of torrent search engines, which will help you find major edge websites in one click.

However, I’m not putting any of these sites in any particular order. I’m sharing sites that I like most about finding new torrents or searching for torrents, which I need to download Is it.

You can search Movie Torrent, Music Torrent and sort them by categories. If you are looking for a desktop based solution, then you should look at TorrentRover.

My Favorite Torrent Search Engine List:

Starting your site with the first site that I was usually on (formerly can be used as a personal bit search, it gives you an option to create a profile and you can monitor your search using the feed or starring them. If you do not want to register, even this is not a problem.

More than that, it shows torrent results from all major torrent sites, so that you do not remember anything at all.

VOrtex search:

Vortex torchs like allhahs, pirates, mininova, btjenki, monova and many more from all major sites You can also login using your Google account.

My personal favorite is If you know any other Torrent search engine you know how to create Torrent.

A few days ago, I collided on another desktop based Torrent Services TorrentRover that works as a torrent downloader. Find it very effective but for general users it can be a little technical.

Before using any of these sites for Torrent, you should check with your country’s cyber laws because many countries have not allowed content downloaded through premium or illegal Torrents.

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