A lynx-like Text Browser that Runs on Google Servers

A lynx-like Text Browser that Runs on Google Servers

The text cloud web browser runs in the Google cloud and also helps you read modern websites. It is powered by Google Apps Script and can work as a proxy server too.

The text browser is a link-driven browser that lets you read the text in the web and strips all the JavaScript, images, videos and other rich content that may be embedded within a web page. Unlike links, which require installation and run locally, the text browser is a web app and Google runs in the cloud.

Lynx-Like Text Browser
Lynx-Like Text Browser

To get started, click here and authorize the web app from your Google Account. There is also a need to sign-in for authorization and to bring the web page on your behalf. This will not track your browsing activity or access any of your Google Account data.

Once the page loads inside the text browser, any of the internal links will open automatically within the same browser.

Text browser as a proxy server

Why would you like a basic text browser? Well, you can also use a text browser as a proxy server to access news articles and other text-only content on the Internet browser, which may not otherwise be accessible to your workplace.

When you request a web page through the app, the built-in Google Apps Script will fetch the page on Google’s server and then will present the content on your screen using Google Apps Script. Thus, even if a site is restricted, you should be able to view the page indirectly through Google Cloud.

And if a website is down for you, use Google Text Browser to confirm that the page is actually down to everyone or it’s just your internet connection.

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