How to Make a Mobile Screen Protector for Your Cell Phone?

How to Make a Mobile Screen Protector for Your Cell Phone?

To prevent damage from scratch, dirt and fingerprint, make a screen protector film for your cell phone.

Although Apple has officially stopped selling screen protector films for the iPhone and iPod Touch, you can still save them from scratch, dirt or even their own fingerprint to screen your expensive mobile device.

Screen Protector
Screen Protector

Screen protectors are easily available for all popular mobile devices and they are very cheap, so that you can pay more for shipping than the product.

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If you are not getting a good cover film that will fit perfectly on your current cell phone, you can easily make yourself free using the available ingredients in your home.

Scratch Proof Your Cell Phone Screen

You only have one ruler (to measure the screen size of your gadget), some obvious packing tape (which will act as cover), a bowl of water with some soap and the old credit card to the firm applies to the home Make the screen protector to your cell phone screen.

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You may see videos on Youtube and may learn to make mobile screen Protector easily at your home. Avoid putting your cell phone in the pocket where your keys and / or loose coins are.

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