How to Manage Your Photo Collection with Google Picasa?

How to Manage Your Photo Collection with Google Picasa?

Google is no longer a search company – they also write some amazing software that can help you design 3D homes, chat with friends on the Internet, manage your jumbo digital picture collection, or Can travel in any corner of the world.

How to Manage Your Photo Collection with Google Picasa?
How to Manage Your Photo Collection with Google Picasa?

Let’s talk about Picasa today. With Picasa for free photo and video management software for your computer, you can load interesting things, you guessed it correctly, Google.

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The first time you run Picasa, it scans your computer for all images and video content. Software does it automatically and you can find some old digital photos that you thought was removed but they were residing in some deep folders on your hard drive.

Although Picasa is not upgraded as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, its photo editing capability is quite good for most consumers to satisfy. You can adjust the colors automatically, resize images, or have professional effects to make your photos stand out.

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Due to hard disk errors or system crash, you do not want to lose your precious codec moments. It’s easy to stay safe using Picasa’s Inbuilt Backup feature, which burns your photos in a CD / DVD or uploads them directly to the web with minimal effort.

The images that were uploaded to the web first show in Picasa that with a green arrow icon a copy is available online. Pisasa can also make movies of your photos that look like an auto-playing photo slideshow.

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This is a very clean hack to share photos on sites like YouTube or Google Video, which usually does not accept images.

Photo bloggers like Picasa because they can publish pictures with a simple click from the desktop to their blog. Picasa can also make personalized wallpapers that look randomly on the coffee table as a pile of photo postcards.

Whenever you click on the wallpaper, the arrangement of the photo changes.

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Do you need more reasons to use Picasa? The software is ship with a freeGoogle Photo Screensaver that can take live photo feeds from the web and show them on your idle computer screen.

You can have any photo stream available in Flickr photos, newswriter related images or RSS feeds, and use it as a desktop screensaver.

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