How Much Does It Cost To Start A Self Hosted WordPress Blog?

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Self Hosted WordPress Blog?

Everyone knows that hosting your blog can be an expensive affair, and the question of cost is raised in the mind of every new blogger. How much will it cost to create a self-hosted WordPress blog?

There is no upper limit on coming to the investment blog, and in this guide, I will share the minimum amount of spending to create a professional blog that you can proudly share with the world, and make money from it.

How Much Does a WordPress Blog Cost To Setup?

Cost To Start A Self Hosted WordPress Blog
Cost To Start A Self Hosted WordPress Blog

WordPress is a forum with which you can start a blog for a minimum cost. WordPress software is free, and you can download it for free from

However, there are some other essential elements for which you will have to pay a domain name and a hosting space, the cost will depend on your specific needs. You can choose to invest in the way in optimization, SEO or other factors.

If you are interested only to start a blog on WordPress, you can start with the lowest cost of $ 60 for Unlimited Hosting and Free Domain with Bluehost. You can learn all about what hosting service is best for WordPress

Domain: Cost – $ 11

The first element for shopping for you is a domain. Having a domain name gives an address to your new website. You need to make sure that your domain name is brandable or, at least, keyword rich.

You must choose a domain in the order of .com, .org or .net. As with the above suggested WordPress HOST, you will find a free domain. If you need to buy additional domains, here are some good options.

Specific domain prices (.com domain prices) are as follows: WebHosting: Costs, $ 56-100

This is a big investment that you will make in the process of starting your own WordPress blog. I suggest that you do not compromise the quality of your hosting service. You should try to gain reliable (and affordable) web hosting for a new blog, shared hosting is recommended.

Here are some enhanced WordPress hosting services as well as one year prices:

 * Bluhost: $ 69 (with a free domain)

* Hostgator: Coupon code with $ 56 Shoutmeloud30

* Cost of set up: (Free [DIY] or $ 99)

There are many tutorials and resources available on the internet that will help you set up a WordPress blog.

From my experience, the hardest task is to choose the right theme for your site in terms of speed, value and activities. There are many free wordpress themes, but they are missing some key aspects of premium wordpress themes.

If you are looking for a low cost solution, then I would suggest a theme of creation or an elegant theme.

WordPress SEO: $ 0- $ 1000

If you want to start a professional blog, then this is a cost that you will need to pay. Many WordPress services offer free SEO optimization when you set up your blog with them. If you want, you can always place a third party SEO company in order to optimize your offline SEO, though the price depends on your budget.

For new bloggers, I recommend that you follow the SEO guidelines for WordPress and start blogging.

Ensure that you do not miss any essential element of online or on-page, SEO optimization, many of which can be learned through trial and error.

For a guide to learn about everything you need to know about SEO for a WordPress blog, you can refer to the last DIY guide for WordPress SEO.

WordPress Premium Plugins: ($ 47- $ 200)

One of the main benefits of WordPress is that it is a great list of free plugins, many of which can be found in the WordPress Plugin free. Many plug-ins available at different costs.

Technically, as a new blogger, who wants to start your blog with minimal investment, you may not need any premium services or plugins, but if you do not have an investment point, you can catch some premium plug-ins to promote your on-page SEO optimization.

Now let’s find the minimum cost for a self-hosted WordPress blog, where you will do everything on your own:

• Original setup with free theme: $ 70

Original setup with premium theme: $ 110

• Professional Setup with Origin Topic: $ 39 9

• Professional setup with various premium elements: $ 499- $ 1499

As a new blogger, using the original setup with a premium wordpress theme can also be considered.

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