Online Backup Services – Reviews & Comparisons

Online Backup Services – Reviews & Comparisons

Review of online data backup storage services like Mozy, Carbonite, XDrive and – Amazon S3 is a little hard drive backup for the average home user. Mozy Online Computer Backup is free up to 2 GB.

Online Backup Services - Reviews & Comparisons
Online Backup Services – Reviews & Comparisons

Some of the most popular online backup services for home consumers and small business owners are Mozy and Carbonite. Both work the same way – set it and forget it.

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You download a small software program on your computer that runs in the background according to the schedule (such as once the computer is not in use every night). You then suggest files and folders on your computer that should be backed up.

The first backup is usually slow, but later the backup is much faster because they are incremental in nature, which means only copy files and folders that are either new or modified after the last backup.

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Both carbonate and mosaic provide unlimited storage and costs US $ 49.95 per year. One good thing about the mosaics is that they also provide a free version with 2 GB of online storage space – which meets the needs of most home consumers. Mozy is available for Mac and Windows while Carbonate currently only works with Windows XP / Vista. The Mac version of Carbonite is expected next month.

If you had a hard disk crash or if your computer was stolen, then it is easy to restore data from one of these services – you can start full restore that can be accessed through their website or their desktop client If you want to choose and choose what files / folders should be restored through.

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In addition to the automated online backup, there are some other good options such as and (from AOL) – these services are like your personal USB drive, which allows you to access important files without requiring any software from any computer. – They will be inside the web browser.

Unlike Mozy or Carbonite who monitor local files for changes, these online storage services require manual intervention. They are still very useful if you have only a small set of files for backup or are looking to save some bucks. XDrive offers 5GB of online storage space for free while is limited to 1GB.

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While online backup services make life very simple, they are not a viable option for computer users who have a slow internet connection because regular backups can take ages. For them, the removable USB flash drive or good old CD / DVD still remains the fastest and most convenient option to back up your data.

Back up your digital data before it’s too late. You will feel very happy and relaxed.

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