OpenDNS – What is OpenDNS and why do you need it?

OpenDNS – What is OpenDNS and why do you need it?

Open DNS Review – Learn the benefits of OpenNSS and how this service can make the Internet a safe place for you and your family. Its OpenDNS is not OPENDSN.


When you type an address  in your browser address bar, the computer does not know where website is and therefore it will ask the DNS server.

The task of a DNS server is to translate this human-readable web address to a computer-readable number, which is also known as IP address.

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Once your computer knows the IP location of the web domain name, it opens your browser’s website.

What is DNS?

DNS is an integral part of our internet life, every time we connect to a website, we work behind scenes. Internet Service Provider specifies the DNS server address that we.

There are some Examples – If your ISP’s DNS server is slow, then the time to solve the web address increases up to the entire loading time of that website. To solve this problem.

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We look at a simple and reliable service called Open DNS, which speeds up your internet connection and handles some other important issues.

There are no software to install, it is very easy to install.

To use OpenDNS, you just have to open the settings page of your network connection or router and the default DNS server must point to the open DNS nameserver.

The entire process takes a few seconds but with this single step alone, you made your computer secure and increased the overall browsing speed.

Why Here?

Unlike your less reliable ISP’s DNS server, the OpenNS servers store IP addresses of millions of websites in their cache, so that your requests will take less time to resolve.

So if you have asked the IP address of a website that was previously requested by any other OpenDNS user, you will get the answer instantly.

Another big advantage of using OpenDNS is that it blocks phishing websites from loading on your computer.

This phishank uses data from a community site, which is also used by Yahoo! Mail to determine whether a particular website is part of any online phishing scam.

While typing the name of popular websites, OpenNNS also takes care of any type of typos you have made.

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There are some Examples – If you mistake by typing with the exception of additional “o”, OpenDNS main com site will open automatically.

If you are a parent, then you are worried about children by going to adult websites on the home computer, you can configure Open DNS to block any adult website from loading on the computer.

In fact, OpenAns is used to block social sites such as MySpace and Facebook on employee computers in some business locations. Power users can submit summarized or open DNS shortcuts to access their favorite websites more quickly.

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There are some Examples – You can set something like “mail” to for a shortcut. Just type a shortcut to access the site.  A good alternative to browser-based bookmarks and it works on all the computers logged in to all your OpenDNS accounts.

Now when you are ready to switch to OpenDNS, OpenDNS should not expect huge benefits in browsing speed only after improving the cycle between your computer and the DNS server.

And keep your old DNS settings given by your ISP because when you go down to the OpenDNS system or you want to completely disable / delete the open DNS from your computer.

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