How to Opt Out of Interest Based Advertising And Stop Ads From Following You

How to Opt Out of Interest Based Advertising And Stop Ads From Following You

Learn how you can easily opt-out of interest-based or behavior-related ads, and prevent targeted companies like Facebook and Google from showing ads targeted to your computer or mobile phone.

How to Opt Out of Interest Based Advertising
How to Opt Out of Interest Based Advertising

You probably know about relevant advertising, where ads are shown based on the content of the current web page. For example, if you are on the ESPN website, advertisements on the page may be for game related products. If you are reading a mobile phone review, you can see ads for mobile accessories or other brands of phones.

Though the discussion is around interest-based or behavioral advertising, to give you an example of where the ads are shown according to your previous online activity and interests, if you search for ‘Singapore in the hotel’ on a travel website, you will see that after visiting almost every website, you will have ads around the Singapore Hotel whether you are reading CNN news, youtube. Check cooking videos or reading your Facebook newsfeed, advertising is likely to be around all of them is Singapore hotel.

In other words, advertisements are also able to follow you on the internet even after switching to a different website, with the help of browser cookies, you are able to monitor the web and deliver relevant advertising.

How to Opt-out Of Interest Based Advertising?

If you do not want web companies to use their previous online behavior to target ads on your computer, then you have the option of easily opting out Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon and other web Ad networks offer simple ways to help you opt-out of targeted ads.

  1. Google – Go to and ensure that the “Ads based on your interests” setting is turned off.

  2. Microsoft – Go to and turn off the “Personalized ads in this browser” setting to only allow generic ads. Go to favorites. Windows users can click on the “Start” button, click Settings – Privacy and then Turn off ” Let apps use my advertising ID for experiences across apps“ for disabling individual ads coming in”.

  3. Amazon Like Google, Amazon also distributes interest-based ads on its websites as well as external websites. Go to and enable the setting that says “Do Not Personalize Ads from Amazon for this Internet Browser.” This is a cookie based setting, which is not linked to your Amazon account, and thus if you cookies, your settings will also be wiped out.

  4. Yahoo – Yahoo allows an Ad Interest Manager (AIM) to opt out of interest-based ads with one click. Go to and click the blue ‘Opt Out’ button to register your preference.

  5. iOS – On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > Privacy > Advertising and turn on Limit Ad Track to opt-out of interest based ads from iAd, Apple’s advertising network.

  6. Android – Open the Google Settings app on your Android phone, tap the ad and opt out of interest-based ads.

  7. Twitter – Go to Twitter Settings on the web and uncheck “Tailor ads based on information shared by ad partners” to disable interest based ads. Similarly, on the Twitter app, go to Settings > Select Privacy > Select Advertising > Enable the “Limit Ad Tracking” setting.

  8. Facebook – Go to Facebook Settings, click Edit against the setting ‘Ads based on my use of websites and apps’ and select ‘Off’ for Show online interest-based ads.

How to Turn Off Interest Based Ads Altogether?

We have a link to disable online interest based ads from the most popular advertising network on the Internet. If you want to completely stop interest-based advertising from all companies on any website or device, then you should use web-based tools like and All these members provide a single window to help you opt-out of interest-based advertising from the network.

These tools also use cookies and therefore you need to use them on every browser and device where you want to opt out. The downside is that if you clear your browser cache then you will lose the preferences .

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