Why Your Personal Financial Business Needs a Blog?

Why Your Personal Financial Business Needs a Blog?

Are you a financial consultant to get more leads online? Are you struggling to change your prospects into customers?

Why Your Personal Financial Business Needs a Blog?
Why Your Personal Financial Business Needs a Blog?

Read on to learn a marketing channel which will help you to establish yourself as an authority and to get more customers in the most famous way.

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In any form personal finance or finance was recently rocket science for me. The only thing I know about personal finance is that, we need to invest under certain parts like 80C, 80D etc. to save taxes and file income tax returns.

A few months ago, I started contacting a chartered accountant, Personal Finance Advisor, Money Management Boy for some work (I was buying a flat and taking a lot of time) and this was the time when I realized that personal financial How important is planning for everyone, including you and me.

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Well, this article is not on the importance of personal finance, but this article is for all those personal financial advisors, money management boys who are working as a person or company.

Most of these people have spoken to me, already have a website but they are still unaware of their online visibility and enhancing customers.

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If you are one of those people who are thinking that you should have a personal finance blog or website and how it can help you get more customers or improve your company’s brand, then read. .

How a blog will help you in your personal finance company business:

For this article, I am thinking that you are not the only person who is managing the portfolio of millions of people, but you are the owner of a company who is running a company and managing himself a lot.

I am also considering the fact that you have a website with all the pages (about, contact, portfolio, services) that show what your company does.

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Is this the same thing that about 9 5% people are doing in your area? If your answer is yes, then you are reading something that will change the way you do business and will help you reach you anywhere.

Before taking advantage of keeping a personal finance blog for yourself or your company, I’ll tell you the biggest roadblock of those who are working in your area and have just started.

Challenge # 1- Competition:

It does not matter whether you are from Mumbai, Kolkata or New Delhi, you know who is the biggest player in the private finance and wealth management industry.

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And if you are a person who is in your 30’s or just joined the League of Personal Finance Advisers, then you have to face the challenge to beat those big names in your industry.

Challenge # 2- Potentially Transforming

No less, no matter how often you understand a potential investor how important a solid portfolio is for them, they will go to other big companies due to the recommendations or because they are big brands of yours.

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If you face this kind of problem when converting a customer into a customer, then you are not alone. I spoke to more than 6 personal finance consultants (across India) and they were facing similar problems like yours.

Not so, they do not have enough customers, but the biggest pain is to get bigger customers. I’ll show you how a blog will solve your big problem.

Benefits of Blogs for Your Personal Finance Business:

Establish Competition:

Most established names in your finance industry have established themselves as pioneers in the offline market.

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It is difficult to beat your opponent who has established his business with offline marketing channels, but you have a great chance to establish yourself as a market leader using online channels.

India is going under online boom, and when you make your footprint online, then you are predicting how to increase your finance business.

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With the number of people going online, they are also looking for solutions to their personal financial needs online.

To give you an idea, here is a search query for “systematic investment scheme” from 2012 to 2014. As a surge in search and being a finance person, you know how much money a customer can earn for you:

This is one of thousands of questions and while researching, I have noticed that there is a marked increase in all the same questions.

More leads through search engine traffic:

Generally, there are only a few pages in your website, and I’m sure your web developer has told you that they are “personal financial adviser” “money management” “financial services” or others that you think will bring clients for you.

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With the blog you will target more keywords (quizzes people search to find answers) and those people are your prospects.

Trust factor:

One of the biggest challenges about being a financial consultant is to earn the trust of your prospect. It is easy to trust anyone but it is difficult for anyone to believe with their money.

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