How to Prevent Twitter from Converting@, dot and hash mentions into Links?

How to Prevent Twitter from Converting@, dot and hash mentions into Links?

Are you using Twitter? This is an important social website and most of the people are using this.

Here I will tell you some important things about Twitter. As you know that when you tweet containing two words that are separated by a dot or period, Twitter may interpret that combination as a web address and will auto-convert the words into a clickable hyperlink.


The same thing is happen when you add the “@” symbol before any word in a tweet, it will automatically link that word to a profile.

The same thing is also happen when you add the “#” hash sign before any word in your tweet, It will convert the hash signed word into links pointing to search results.

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However the auto-generated links are useful in some cases but what will do when you just want to display your tweets in plain text and not converted words into links.

Many times, it is very important that we need to avoid the links when you Tweet, Because, the line is not visible good if there are some links within any tweets. But Don’t worry I have a solution of this problem and you will be glad to know that the solution I will give you is so easy to use and easy to implement on your tweets. Now here I will show you that what is the solution of this Problem.

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How to Prevent Twitter from Converting into Links?

Now you are on the point where you will find the solutions of this problem. The solutions is that if you would like to prevent twitter from interpreting two consecutive words as a URL then you have to just add a Zero with space after the dot, @ or # symbol.

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