Put Google on Your Business Card

Put Your Google on Business Card

The owner of the Dallas-based Printing Services Company has started coming up with this unique Google based business card design that you are unlikely to throw.

Google on Business Card
Google on Business Card

Owners of Dallas-based Printing Services Company have come up with this unique Google Style Business Card design that the chances of throwing you are very low.

The business card contains a small Photoshop version of the Google Search page with the Google query “Dallas Printer” for which their site is probably # 1 in the US.

And Laser Printing Inc. is not the only company that is using Google on its business card.

Here are some more examples:

iTive.net employees also have their business cards and some instructions for those who do not know Google.

Boston Web Studio has a simple Google search box on their visiting card and they are probably a search phrase for Rank # 1 on Google.

Google Business Cards – Risk Factors

WordPress creator Matt Bullen was an ordinary business card that gave his personal email address phone number and a suggestion how people can reach Google through the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button.

But unfortunately he lost the “Most Popular Mat” title while switching the domain and now his old business card is actually sending traffic to the dance matte’s site.

Ideas for Business Card Design

If you want to create a personalized business card with some unique designs, see this great article by Robert Scoble – it lists some good practices and ideas that will help you create a great business card. Scobleizer has compiled this information based on its extensive collection of 1000+ business cards.

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