How To Receive Commission Junction Affiliate Payments via Payoneer?

How To Receive Commission Junction Affiliate Payments via Payoneer?

When it comes to acquiring affiliate and ad revenue from foreign countries, we have limited options, especially if any option is to receive payment through check, I am sure that you are aware of the problems associated with it. It is nothing new that when we have the only option to pay the payment, we face major issues like unauthorized mail and reissue are the only option which delays the payment process. It is a problem, most of the adsense publishers used to face, Until recently the EFT payment option is offered.

Receive Commission Junction Affiliate Payments via Payoneer
Receive Commission Junction Affiliate Payments via Payoneer

Today, the post commission is about Commission Junction, which is one of the popular affiliate markets, Pfire, ShareJayle and Clickbank. Recently I had configured my commission junction account to get payment using Payoneer service. I have written on Payoneer service. This is a free online service that will allow you to receive payments from foreign countries.

In this tutorial, I will share how you can configure your Communications Corp account to get payment using Payoneer account . If you are caught somewhere in the middle, feel free to ask questions in the comments section below.

Payoneer to Your US Find the Bank Routing Number:

Unlike PayPal, Payoneer offers a unique way of getting payments from other companies. When you create a free account at Payoneer, you can go to the U.S. Bank routing number and EU bank routing number is available. The U.S. Payment service information is used, and companies are using my US Bank numbers can send payments operated by Payoneer. With them, Payoneer transfers the currency to my linked Indian bank account within 24 hours. The process is simple and once you configure it, you will continue to receive payments without manual intervention.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Create free accounts on Payoneer

  • Log on to the Payoneer dashboard and use the U.S. Click Payment Service

  • On the next page, you will find your U.S. Payment service information will be found.

  • To start receiving your CJ affiliate commission, you need to fill it on the Commission Junction Payment page.

Update Payment Information on Commission Junction:

Now you’ve got your US payment service information through Payoneer. Open the CJ Dock in a new tab and log in to your account. To update your payment or tax information, navigate to the Account> Administrative Settings tab.

Look at the screenshot below and fill out the bank details that you received from Payoneer:

Provides direct bank deposits for many countries including India, Australia, France, Singapore, Mexico and many other commissions. You can find a list of such countries here. For many countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, where direct bank deposits are not available, Pener is a great way to receive payment without any issue.

For affiliated companies, the Commission Junction is the oldest and one trusted market that receives the proposals related to the companies of top companies. If you are new to commission junction, then you should look at this beginning video guide at the commission junction.

Tell me if you have any questions about commission junction or have to pay by payoneer

  • Create Free Payoneer Account

  • Create Free CJ Affiliate Account

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