Safetipin App-Find the Safest Route to Your Destination

Safetipin App-Find the Safest Route to Your Destination

Safetipin App is an app that can be installed on any android mobile phone even your phone has low light camera. This is a social enterprise providing a number of solutions to make safer your city for women.

What is Safetipin App?

Safetipin App is a social enterprise, which provides many solutions to make our cities safer for everyone. This app collects information and engages with individuals and provides back end solutions. This app now engaging different methods to collect large scale data in cities covering all major roads and areas.

What are the Main Features of Safetipin App?

How to Find the Safest Route to Your Destination?

It uses Google algorithm to determine many routes and then provides a score for each route and indentifies the safest route. Since, safetipin maps a large percentage of roads in a city and uses this data to determine the safest route. If you want to use this feature, you should select the explore option and then select Safest Route. You may read – How to Share Your Files with Windows Live FolderShare

How to Make Safer Decisions?

This app uses your present GPS location to show the safety score of your neighbourhood. The score reflects the safety perception of public spaces. Explore other neighbourhoods by selecting the search option. The score is a validated measure, calculated by considering a number of parameters that impact the perception of safety in an area, and opinions of users.

Safetipin App-Keep Safe Your City
Safetipin App-Keep Safe Your City

How to View Your City?

Select the explore option. There is  pulldown on the top right that gives a number of options. You may select heat map to view red or unsafe areas in the city. You may select audit pins to see each pin in the area. Touch them to view the parameters.

Some Salient Features – 

* You may setup your circles of interest – areas you would like to track and know if something interesting is posted.

* You may record how safe you feel- when and where you feel it and add pictures.

* You may do safety audits and view audits done by others

* You may view your neighbourhood, your city, the World and see safety scores.

* You may like and comment on posts in your circles of interests or outside.

* You may earn points to move up levels – from White to Black Belt

* You may find important locations and directions to get to them

 How to deal with Uncomfortable Situations?

There are some important features in Safetipin App like ‘Stay with Me’, ‘Call Back’, ‘Call Me’ , ‘Where are you’ and ‘SOS’.

 Stay with Me” Feature – You may use this feature to request friends to track you as you walk home.

Call Back” Feature – You may use this feature to have your phone ring after a few seconds.

Call Me” Feature – This feature notify multiple friends and ask them to call you.

Where Are You” Feature – This feature will notify your selected friends and allow you to see their location.

SOS” Feature – If you are really in trouble. SOS will send a notification and also make a loud sound on your friends’ ph0ne, so they know you are in trouble.

 How to use Safetipin App?

 All options turn on when pressed once and off when pressed again. You can set options within the menu.

The app allows you to set alerts that are sent automatically to your family members and friends if something unusual happens. You may set these to activate on certain days or times of the day.

You may set places you visit often from the menu –

‘I am outside my Safe Places”

“I am in an unsafe Place”

“I am late”

“I am in transit”

 With SafetiPin you get a map based view of your neighbourhood, community and city which involves pictures, comments and scores.


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