Screenshots: Still the Best Way to Embed Tweets in Web Pages

Screenshots: Still the Best Way to Embed Tweets in Web Pages

Learn about the tools that will help you embed screenshots images in web pages or tweets (or Twitter messages) in the form of live HTML.

Twitter has a new online tool – Blackbird Pie – which, they say, makes it easy for users to embed individual Tweets into their web pages and blogs.


You have to paste the complete address (URL) of any public tweets and Blackbird Pie will complete the HTML version of that tweet with clickable hyperlinks, profile pictures and timestamps when that tweet was first published.

Some reasons to avoid Blackbird Pie

Earlier you had to use the screen capture tool to embed a tweet in web pages, but with the new Blackbird pie tool, screen grabs are no longer necessary? right.

Well, there are some limitations with HTML Tweets that you should know:

# 1. BlackBirds PieGenerated HTML Tweets uses inline CSS styles that are not supported by some blogging clients. This means that you can not embed a HTML tweet inside your blog post.

# 2. Even if your blog software allows css styles, embedded tweets will look awesome in Google Reader and other online RSS readers. This is because most newsreaders ignore CSS formatting styles.

# 3 Here’s another big reason why you should use static HTML tweets.

The code generated by Blackbird Pie is the profile image of the person who initially wrote that tweet. Now if he decides to change his profile picture later, then it is likely that your embedded code will be broken because the image URL used in the tweet will return 404 now.

If you want to embed a ‘tweet’ in your website, then it looks like a real web version, the best way would be to capture the screenshot of the tweet and embed it as a static image.

However, instead of using a print-screen key to capture static screenshots of tweets, here are some tools that make tweets easier.

# 1. Kwout-Kwout can look like any other web-based screen capture tool but there is something unique about this service.

Kwout will capture a screenshot of your Twitter messages as an image map so that all hyperlinks in the screenshot are preserved and remain clickable even when embedded on any other page. Here’s a live example.

# 2. QuoteURL – With the citation url, you can add many tweets and capture them as a screenshot shown below.

What’s good about the quote URL service, it provides a small permalink (see example) for all your collected tweets, so sharing a conversation via email is very easy for you.

# 3 Twonvo Type the ID of any Twitter message in the input box and Twonwo will generate a linear view of the entire Twitter conversation that you can take together.

To find the status ID of any Twitter conversation, click the tweet’s timestamp (‘approximately 1 hour ago’) and simply copy the ID from the status URL. To get the full conversation, you should use the last updated status ID in the discussion.

There are screen capture tools you can use with Twitter.

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