Secret to Earn $50 Per Click from Google Adsense

Secret to Earn $50 Per Click from Google Adsense

There are two types of people in the world; The one who only works hard, and the other who work hard + smart. Success comes to those who find balance between hard work and smart work. At least, this is very true in the world of internet marketing.

Secret to Earn $50 Per Click from Google Adsensee
Secret to Earn $50 Per Click from Google Adsense

As a blogger, you should work day-and-night to produce great content, drive traffic and earn money from advertisements, but you often ignore some simplest methods, so that our traffic and Adsense earnings are huge Can grow up to. Today, I will share one of the simplest ways you can use to improve traffic and increase your income.

The advantage of using long tail and high CPC AdSense keywords:

You should know about the fact that your blog will have more targeted traffic, you will earn more money. Similarly, the higher CPC keywords you are using will increase your AdSense earnings over time. I have talked about Long tail keywords in the past, and how these keywords help you rank higher in search engines, help you get highly targeted organic traffic, and most important is that they rank It’s easy to do How do you get a perfect combo of long tailed keywords that are also high CPC AdSense keywords.

Check out this awesome tool call called Hittail, which analyzes your current blog traffic and suggests long tailed keywords to improve relevancy. Today I will share another great tool call SEMRUSH which will make it easier to find long tail high CPC keywords within seconds.

Using SEMRUSH to find profitable AdSense keywords:

SEMRUSH is a wonderful tool, and one of the amazing features that they offer. I am not going to the detailed explanation of this tool because you can learn everything about this tool on my review article. Now, I’ll show you how you can use this tool to find profitable AdSense keywords. To make the most of this, I suggest you use the following tools:

  • Google Docs broadcasts sheets or any other device to manage keywords.
  • SEMRUSH account. (Get a full 14 day free trial using this link)
  • A list of high and middle authority blogs in your niche.

Login to your SEMRUSH account, and type the name of the domain that you want to use to find long-tail high CPC keywords.


On the next page, click Organic Keywords> Full List, and it will show you a list of keywords that are bringing traffic to Warform. Now, I only have to sort the list by clicking on the CPC tab, and it must first be sorted in the order of high CPC keywords. It is worth noting that most of the high CPC AdSense keywords are usually long-tailed keywords. And some of them are as high as $ 70 + per click.

Now, start copying keywords that you think are best suited for your blog. Usually I note most of the keywords on my content planning Google Docs, and then use it to configure content on any blog. Similarly, repeat the process for the list of other domains, and by the end you will have the most comprehensive list of high CPC AdSense keywords.

Now, make sure that you take the help of Keyword Optimization plugin like EasyWPSEO to create search engine friendly content, and since you are already targeting niche based long tailed keywords, you will be able to rank high on those keywords, And the possibilities of running traffic This is the simplest and fastest way you can use to get your AdSense earnings. Keep in mind, make sure that your keywords are driving traffic from countries like US, otherwise you can not make most of this tip. Read: Why countries like India have less AdSense CPC

SEMRUSH is one of the best search engine marketing tools out there, and I highly recommend you to take it to the test drive. You can use the following link to get full free access to SEMRUSH for 14 days, which is the value of $ 160. (You need the CREDIT CARD to avail this offer, and you can cancel the agreement at any time between 14 days).

Take a 14-day free trial of SEMRUSH

I have also made this video tutorial to explain how you can use SEMRUSH to find high profitable AdSense keywords.

Do I know that if you use any other tool to find profitable long-tail keywords? If you enjoyed reading this article, consider sharing it on Facebook and Google Plus.

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