How to Secure Data on your Computer Which Personal?

How to Secure Data on your Computer Which Personal?

If you want to Secure Data on personal computer where some important documents, files, photos, videos and some other personal matter are there and you do not want to share these secret files with your friends or others then you need to know about some security features so that no one can see your personal matter.

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How to Secure Data on Computer
How to Secure Data on Computer
  1. BIOS Password – If you want to keep safe your computer then you may use the BIOS Password to protect your files or documents. How to Set BIO Password

  2. First of all you will have to start your computer

  3. During this startup process, you have to press DEL button or F2 Button.

  4. Here you will be able to set BIOS Password

  5. Zip Folder Password – You may create a Zip folder on any computer drive, you may put your all documents in this folder. Now you have to right click and set password on that folder.

  6. Hard Disk Password – You may set password on your hard disk. You may create a user account and protect with password.

  7. User account Password – If number of persons work single computer then you should create different user account and set different password.

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How to Create User account?

Are you know that how to creat user account on your computer, so that many users can work without seeing your personal data on your computer. To Create Different user account you have to follow some steps. What are the steps. The steps are given below to create user account.

  1. Click on Control Panel – First of all, you have to click on Start Button of your computer. Where you will see many items, but you will have to Click on Control Panel.

  2. Double click on User Account – When you have clicked on Control Panel, you will see User account. Here you have to double click on user account.

  3. Click double on create account – here you will create new user account.

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