How to Setup Email Filter in Yahoo Mail? How to Setup Email Filter in Yahoo?

How to Setup Email Filter in Yahoo Mail?

Here I will tell you that how to setup email filter in Yahoo.

You have to follow some instructions to setup an email filter for Yahoo mail that will automatically move any email that has the keyword [spam] in the subject field to the “Trash” folder.

Yahoo Email Filter
Yahoo Email Filter
  1. First of all you have to Login to your Yahoo mail

  2. Now go to the Options” page.

  3. You have to go to the “Filters” page from the Management column.

  4. Now click on the “Add This will bring up the ‘Add Message Filter’ page.

  5. You have to give a name for filter in the “Filter Name” field like –Spam Filter.

  6. Now put the keyword [spam] in the Subject”

  7. Now select the “Trash” folder from the drop down menu for the “Move the message to” field.

  8. Now click the Add Filter” button to add this filter and

  9. You are done.

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Now any email that has the word [spam] in the subject field will be automatically moved to the Trash folder upon receiving!

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