How to Share Files Between Mobile Phones and Computers?

How to Share Files Between Mobile Phones and Computers?

Your files spread on phones, tablets and computers. Find the right apps for transferring files between Windows PCs, Macs, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Share Files Between Mobile Phones and Computers
Share Files Between Mobile Phones and Computers

Your digital photos, documents, music, and other files are spread from your mobile phone to tablets and many devices on your computer devices are running different operating systems and therefore there is no dictatorship that allows you to download files from one device to another.

For example, how do you transfer a file from your Android mobile phone to your iPad? Or

How would you send a snippet of copied text to your iPhone without your email?

What is the fastest way to move multiple files from one Android tablet to another?

Share files between Android, IOS, Mac and Windows

The following guide, apps, discusses both web-based and mobile applications, which allow you to easily move between files, photos, web pages and your desktop computer and mobile devices without the need of a USB cable.

Send the file yourself from one device to another device and most obvious solutions to share files on all devices. For larger files, you can upload them from one device to Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive and download it on your other device.

If you are on a Wi-Fi network, then prefer the Dropbox as it will download the file on the LAN instead of the cloud, and the transfer will be at a very fast rate.

If you want to transfer text snippets, web page URLs or clipboard contents from one device to another, Google Keep is a recommended option. You can copy-paste the text inside Keep, and it becomes available on your Android device immediately from Mac to your web site link and text notes on the iPhone and iPad, to make iOS and MAC user can install Scribe or BeamApp.

Like Put, there is another easy task to send push bullet web pages, map guides, text notes and even small files between phones, phone to phone or computer between computer. Push supports bullet push notifications. It is available for iPhone, Android and desktop computers (a Chrome add-on).

AirDroid is hardly the only app that you’ll ever need to run files in and out of your Android phone and tablet in a wireless way. Launch the AirDroid app on your Android, open on your desktop browser, and scan the QR code to make connections.

Mac can install a SD card inside the folders and explorers of your Android phone as a gorgeous computer to install the diarrhea.

Unlike Android, Apple does not provide access to the file system except the media gallery. You can use Docs or Good Reader to transfer documents, photos, and other files to your iPad and iPhone (or vice versa) from the computer on the local Wi-Fi network.

These apps can be mounted on your computer as a network drive and there is a built-in browser to help download and save web browsers, which will not be downloaded in the Safari browser.

Computer maker Lenovo recently introduced the Shareit app for sharing files between their Android, iOS and Windows PCs and everything else.

The app creates an ad-hoc network for sending files from one device to another, and does not require any Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth or data connection.

The interface is beautiful, straightforward and all the recipients have to do to connect the files to the Wi-Fi network created by the app on the sender’s device to transfer the files.

The popular JustBeamIt service provides an Android app to help you transfer files from your phone to a computer. Simply select a file on the phone inside JustBeamIt app and it will generate a unique URL Open this URL on your desktop and the transfer will be on a P2P connection right between your phone and the computer.

Superbeam is another useful app for transferring files between android devices. Select one or more files within any file manager app and choose SuperBeam from the system-wide sharing menu.

This will generate a QR code that you can scan from SuperBeam on your other device and file transfer will be done automatically.

If two Android devices are not connected to the same Wi-Fi network, then SuperBeam will transfer files using Wi-Fi Direct or NFC. Pro version also lets you send files to Android on your Mac, Windows or Linux computer (requires Java).

Any Send also makes it easy to transfer files between files or even entire folders via Wi-Fi. It’s more like the cross-platform version of AirDrop. You can copy a file or folder to the clipboard and paste it on any of your other devices that appear inside.

Apple’s AirDrop is the perfect choice for transferring files between your MacBook and iMac or your iPhone and iPad.

The upcoming version of AirDrop will allow you to send files from Mac to iOS device, but until this happens, you can download free InstantIstText.

All you have to do is drag the file from your computer to the target device. It works on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and, unlike airdrops, supports older iPhones and Macs too.

If you need to transfer files between your Android phone and an iPhone or iPad, send it anywhere is a good option. You can send files of any size to peer-to-peer (when both devices are on the same network) and it uses cellular connections.

All you have to do is enter the 6 digit key for two devices and start the transfer. They have a web app and also allow you to send (or retrieve) files from the desktop to your iOS or Android device.

Finally, you have BitTorrent Sync to automatically sync folders between Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Android device. The cloud does not include the transfer – you put a file into a device’s folder and it appears magically on all your other devices.

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