How to Share Large Files and Email Attachments Online

How to Share Large Files and Email Attachments Online

How do you share large files (some of more than 10 megs) with friends and colleagues on the Internet?

How do you share large files (some of more than 10 megs) with friends and colleagues on the Internet? A popular option is to create a zip file and send it as an email attachment because most web-based email services (such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail or AOL) now allow file attachments anywhere between 10-20 MB size.

The email approach works right but there are some serious problems – one, all ISPs or corporate email servers will not accept large email messages and therefore your email can never reach the desired recipient.

Second, we are not fortunate enough for all high speed broadband internet connections. For downloading an email message, this is a nightmare for anyone on dialup, which has some megags in size – it will press your Internet connection and if the download breaks, then things will have to be restarted from scratch.

Fortunately, there are some excellent services on the Web that will help you share the safest and easily large files (such as documents, home videos, audio MP3 files, high resolution photos, CAD pictures, etc.) of any size. Second Benefit – All these services come to you for free. The basic idea behind most of these services is quite similar – you upload the files to your server, set the permission level and pass on to your friend on the download link on the email instead of adding the entire file.

The most popular service in the file sharing category is – If you pay a nominal fee, then it allows you to free up to 2 GB or up to 2 GB compared to 100 MB. YouSend is like a mini email program – when you upload something through your web-based interface, you can specify recipients’ email addresses and send them a personal message with a link to download the file Are there.

YouSend recently introduced a free plug-in for Microsoft Outlook users – As soon as you attach a file to an email message, Outlook will automatically send that file using the YouSendIt service. The YouSendIt icon in the system tray will indicate the current upload status of the file. This seamless integration with Outlook will appeal to many Microsoft Office users.

Many services on the web will help you to transfer documents, home videos, audio MP3 files, high resolution photos and CAD pictures to any size safe and easy. Screw dot com is another popular service to share PDFs and Microsoft Office documents. Simple reason – This gives the recipient the opportunity to view the content of uploaded documents online without downloading it locally will convert all your uploaded office documents and PDF files into Adobe Flash Paper files which can be viewed within any web browser with Flash plugin. Opportunities are 99.9% of which Flash is already installed in your browser.

Most of the solutions mentioned above will allow you to share files of 100 MB size, but if you have a file that is more than that limit? Insert an online file storage service from AOL, which gives you free 3G online storage space.

Files are always online and you can also manage them from desktop. Another advantage is that, if the Internet connection breaks during the upload process, then AOL XDrive will resume from the point where it was broken.

If you are the owner of a site or blog and need a solution to share documents, pictures or videos with your visitors, then look ahead to – Any extremely elegant solution that lets you create a widget for your website like Windows File The Explorer provides. Visitors can browse files without leaving your site and download them for offline viewing too. Available space is 1 GB. You may not have to worry about re-e-mail messages.

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