Why I Switched From the Thesis Theme to Genesis Theme?

Why I Switched From the Thesis Theme to Genesis Theme?

When it comes to architecture of my blog, I like to use the best blogging tool, whether it’s related to product hosting, SEO tools or my WordPress theme.

Genesis Theme WordPress
Genesis Theme WordPress

When we use the best products available, we have the possibility of having less headache to deal, and we can concentrate more on what we do best.

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I will share with you, my reason for erasing the thesis theme for the creation, which can give you some insight on which structure is right for you.

What was Wrong With Thesis Theme?

When the thesis theme was launched on March 29, 2008, it was welcomed with open arms from the WordPress community.

After that, the thesis was by far the most expensive and best SEO theme. The community was growing rapidly, and we were happy to be part of all the theme frameworks that are constantly updated to stay consistent with the latest version of WordPress.

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At one point, there was a big struggle between Chris Pearson (thesis maker) and Matt Mullenweg (WordPress creator) regarding the GPL license.

Since then, this struggle has been resolved. At that time, the thesis was one of the few topics to offer underlying SEO options in SEO options, and it made an industry standard with those features.

Thesis Theme Collapse:

The fall of Thesis theme came after another controversy, this time by YOAST with @Yoast on consistency between thesis and SEO.

This issue was pulled for a long time before solving, and at the end one thing was clear: Pearson was not interested in giving more options to users.

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For a long time, I wanted to switch Yoast to my SEO settings in SEO, but there was no plug-and-play solution available for this.

There is no doubt that the thesis theme handles SEO very well, but over time its creators have failed to implement very necessary social SEO settings.

Thesis 2.x Killed All Expectations:

Thesis 2.x was launched back in 2012, and he killed every last hope for being the best theme available for thesis.

There was no easy way to migrate our existing thesis 1.8x design to Thesis 2.0. Many long-term thesis users ended up paying extra money to developers themselves, just to code the existing design on thesis 2.x.

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In addition, thesis 2.x was launched without any proper documentation. Imagine the jet plane being given to fly without proper training or manual!

In Summary:

  • The thesis creators killed a lot of ideology that they were standing for: The theme should handle SEO.
  • He was not interested in simplifying his life for thesis 1.8 X to thesis 2. X migrations for his loyal, long-standing users.

Slow Updates:

The most worrying thing about the theme, theme was slow updates. They were not updating in advance, which is an important part of adopting latest practices.

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And what about social SEO, open graph integration, and schema integration?

Why the Origination Theme on the Thesis:

When I changed the framework of my sites, I considered many options, and seemed to be the best option for Genesis thesis.

Many professional bloggers like Syed, Chris Lima and Darren are using the Genesis Framework, and alone there was enough information to allow me to believe in Genesis.

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