Sync fIles Between Your Computer and External USB Drive-Microsoft SyncToy

Sync fIles Between Your Computer and External USB Drive – Microsoft SyncToy

Free File Folder Synchronization Software for Windows – Synchronize MP3 songs, videos, pictures, documents, and other files easily with Microsoft SyncToy. Works with multiple folders on the same computer, network share drive or external USB hard disk.

Microsoft Synctoy is an essential utility to help you synchronize files between different directories of the same computer or in computers and external storage devices such as an iPod and USB pen drive.

As the above figure, you first choose a pair of folders that you want to keep in sync through SyncToy. Then decide the action – should two folders be cloned or only new files should be copied?

Synctoy supports wild cards in file names (like * .exe or vacation _ * .jpg) so that you can decide which files are included or excluded during the sync process.

And the use of Synctoy is completely risk-free – it has a great preview feature that lets you see which operations will run during the run without making any changes to your computer.

SyncToy v2.0 [for Windows XP and Vista]

* If you want to sync files and folders on multiple computers through the Internet, consider FolderShore – it can also sync files between Mac and Windows computers.

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