Teach Yourself Touch Typing with Free Tools

Teach Yourself Touch Typing with Free Tools

Meet the best touch typing tutors and online games that will help you to quickly write and improve accuracy. You only need one week to learn touch typing.

Touch Typing Master
Touch Typing Master

Touch typing, or the art of typing with your 10 fingers, can surprise you for your productivity. Most technically literate people know a bit of typing, but if you can type without looking at the computer keyboard, you can do the job faster and get the edge. Touch typing is also a useful skill for mobile and tablet users because when you fully know where the keys are, you can “swipe” faster.

Master of Touch Typing Master

I learned the basics of typing on the old typewriter. Two decades later, I am busy hunting a good typing software for my child and now the number of choices available on the web is mind-boggling. I have shared my research here and, whether you want to learn a typo who wants to learn typing or are typing to improve your typing speed, you should help in this list.

If you are just beginning, then the BBC’s dance matte typing should be your well-known resource. This is a browser-based game for kids where every text touches a different set of keys and there is a game at the end of each level to test the tests you have learned. The lessons will need to enable the Adobe Flash Player in your browser.

The next suggested resource is Typing.com, a free website where you will find interactive tutorials and drills to help you learn step-by-step typing. Typing Study is a similar resource, but unlike other typing lessons that focus on typing English, typing studies have lessons for keyboards of most popular languages, including Hindi and there is no flash player for it.


Tip 10 (Mac, Windows) and Typist (Mac) are software software that teach offline typing and you also have the option of uploading your own text for your favorite novel – such as practice.


Typing practice with online games

The best way to learn typing is through practice and there is a large number of online typing games that will be helpful.


Very addictive Z-Type and Qwerty warriors are shooter games where ships are assigned a word and you have to type as soon as possible to shoot these advance ships. Type Racer and Typax lets you test your typing speed while playing the original game of car racing with other users. 10 Fastfingers allow you to practice typing the most common English words, while typing clubs allow you to practice personal keys, which you feel you need to bother more. Advanced users can try karaoke typing to test their typing skills.


Touch-typing is not difficult and if you separate 30 minutes a day for a week or two then you can become pro. Also, it is OK to make mistakes during training, but avoid typing on the keyboard while typing.


Finally, invest in a good comfortable keyboard – I use Microsoft’s sculptural keyboard and highly recommend it for ergonomics.


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