Tips to Successfully Use Google AdSense Referral

Tips to Successfully Use Google AdSense Referral

A Google employee working for the AdSense team has written some useful tips for the new AdSense in WMW related to the referral program:

  1. If an advertiser completes its campaign or stays out of budget, these referral ads are unavailable and will stop showing on your pages.

For a Google employee referral program working for the AdSense team, some useful tips have been wrnit, then we will rotate various referral ads to fill the referral unit. If you have not checked that option, then your page will display an empty space where the unavailable ad is now displayed.

To maximize your chances of generating referral revenue, we recommend that you check the ‘Select the best performing ads’ box while building your referral code.

  1. However, if you select an ad unit size that is available only for Google Product Referrals and check ‘Choose the best performing ad,’ then there is currently a system error that will cause no ad to appear .

Our [Google] engineer is working to fix this as soon as possible, but in the meantime, if you want to refer users to these Google products, please try to import the code for that referral ad unit, Uncheck the Best Performing Ads’ box.

Note that the referrals available for you may vary depending on your location or language – you can find the full list of referrals products available to you by visiting the AdSense Setup tab and choosing Referrals as a product.

To maximize conversion opportunities, select the combination that best reflects your users’ profiles. Please note that if you select ads for any location other than your user, then you can not get a payment for the conversion.

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