Tips and Tricks for Fixing Android Smartphone Touch Screen

Tips and Tricks for Fixing Android Smartphone Touch Screen

There are a number of gadgets available in the market such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. Nowadays, manufacturers are eager to give touch screens interface for every device due to the latest market trends. In such devices, the screen becomes the most important part because it is the only medium of input. Computer or mobile education helps the user to know better about different parts of the device. With the help of computer or mobile education, small problems affecting the functioning of the gadget can be easily solved. There are several institutions to provide intensive knowledge about these tools that provide IT computer courses.

Fixing Android Smartphone Touch Screen
Fixing Android Smartphone Touch Screen

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Sometimes the user may have issues with the operation of the touch screen android phone. Touch screen can be completely unresponsive or may partially react. It is important to fix this problem as soon as possible, or it can be very difficult to operate the phone. Sometimes it is easy to fix touch screen without too much computer or mobile education knowledge. Here are some of the techniques that users can choose to fix the touch screen of their device. These are simple and can be done so that no computer or mobile course has been done.

Tips and Tricks for Fixing Android Smartphone Touch Screen

1. Turn OFF and ON

Occasionally, the phone’s touch screen can stop responding due to some problems with its software, shutting down the device, and then restarting it after some time can help recover the device. After restarting the smartphone, the touch screen can return to normal. In addition, a user can try to remove the device’s battery for 10 seconds and then reconnect to check whether the screen works properly or not.

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2. Remove SIM card

If the above method fails to fix the touch screen, then the user should remove the SIM card and memory card in the phone. Occasionally, the cards placed in the phone become corrupted and obstruct the functioning. Therefore, users can remove these cards and then switch to the phone to see if the touch screen works properly or not.

3. Re-screen the Screen

The user should read the smartphone manual to read whether there is any way to reboot the screen. The reloading of the screen can be done either through the settings or device menu or by pressing the combination of buttons, this can help to fix the touch screen problem of the smartphone.

4. Upgrade the Phone

You can try to upgrade the software to the latest version of the phone to check the screen’s software properly. If there is any software problem that is responsive to the screen, then it will be resolved by a simple upgrade. A phone can be upgraded by connecting to a computer.

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5. Cleaning the Device with Isopropyl Alcohol

The touch screen of a smartphone can be cleaned using isopropyl alcohol. A small brush helps in application and cleanses dust particles. The device should be closed during cleaning.

6. Reset Phone

Alternatively, you can reset the phone. Resetting the phone may cause data loss as it puts it back to factory default mode. Therefore, it is necessary to back up all the data in order to avoid loss of contact, pictures, etc. If the screen stops responding completely and the user wants to reset the device, then it can be done by PC software or holding. The process of resetting multiple buttons while switching to the phone depends on the manufacturer and model of the phone.

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7. Move Manufacturer to Phone

If no technique works, then it is time to take the manufacturer to the store shop. They may have some other techniques to fix the touch screen. In addition, if the phone is in the warranty period, then you can ask for a full replacement.

When fixing the touch screen of the smartphone, these tips can help repair the phone’s touch screen without much effort. It is always wise to take computer or mobile education to better understand your phone.

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