How to Track Gmail Messages with Google Analytics?

How to Track Gmail Messages with Google Analytics?

This tutorial explains how you can use Google Analytics to track your outgoing Gmail messages, and become notified when people open and email your email messages.

How to Track Gmail Messages with Google Analytics?
How to Track Gmail Messages with Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is commonly used to track visits to your web pages, but do you know that the Analytics service can also be used to track your outgoing email messages in Gmail.

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You can add Google Analytics tracking code to your Gmail messages and you will know immediately whether your email message has been viewed or opened by the recipient.

It’s like getting a read receipt for your email messages, but instead of tampering the mailbox, the receipt is automatically logged in to your Google Analytics as an event.

Learn when people open your email with Google Analytics

The idea is simple. We will put the Analytics tracking image in our outgoing email message. When the recipient opens the message, the image file will be downloaded to their computer and the “visit” will be logged.

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And since Google Analytics supports real-time reporting, so when an email is opened or read, you’ll see immediate activity in the Analytics dashboard.

Here’s how to add Analytics tracking to your Gmail messages:

  1. Go to your Gmail and type in a new email message. You can also include attachments and inline images in your message. Once the message is ready, leave it in your draft folder and do not hit the Send button.
  2. Open this Google Sheet and choose the initial option under the Email Tracker menu. This is needed once because you have to authorize the sheet to send your Gmail messages with the tracking image.
  3. After the script is authorized, select Email Tracker -> Send Mail – Choose your Gmail Draft from the drop-down, enter your Google Analytics Profile ID * and press the send button. Your mail will be given to the recipient.

When the recipient opens your email message, the event will be logged in to Google Analytics.

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Here’s how you can track email open activity in your Analytics reports.

Gmail Tracking Opens in Google Analytics

Open Google Analytics and select an event within the standard report group. There you should see new events with the email open category because people open your Gmail messages.

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You can click on the category to see the recipients’ email address who has viewed your email and also read the subject line of the message.

Learn when people open your Gmail messages with Analytics

Google Analytics Profile ID looks like something like UA-xxxx-yy and you can easily find this ID in your Analytics Dashboard (Admin -> Property Settings -> Tracking ID). If you create a separate web property to track Gmail messages, then it would be a good idea.

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Internally, when you send an email through Google Sheets, it adds the tracking image to your Gmail message with the help of Google Script. This tracking image is 1 × 1 pixel transparent gif which will not appear in the message body.

Tracking recipients will not work clearly if the recipient has not enabled images for messages generated from your email address. URL shorteners like can also help you to know whether your message has been read or not.

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