How to Track How You Spend Time on a Computer?

How to Track How You Spend Time on a Computer?

Top time wasting activities are the personal use of the Internet (including email), socializing with colleagues, doing personal business, making a difference, running a job, making phone calls, applying for jobs, planning personal events, and getting late or have been using private to leave early.

Internet and computer are addictive. In a survey, 65 percent of Americans said they spent more time with computers than their husbands.

So how do you spend your time on the computer? Are you doing some productive or just roaming time that can otherwise be used for better things. Which app are you using? Which websites and blogs consume most of your time?

You will find answers to all these questions and a free tool for more PC and Mac, which is Google Analytics for your computer.

Rescue Time is a free tool that runs in the background and keeps track of all your computer activities. Privacy experts can throw, but all this data is uploaded to the web every 30 minutes and you can view your computer usage reports online from any computer.

Since resuscitation is a Web + desktop solution, it can be used to track usage in computers, such as home and work.

You can selectively delete certain websites and software applications from your usage history. Or just add them to the ignored list and the rescue time will stop monitoring them.

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