How To Transfer SEO Settings From WordPress Theme To Plugin?

How To Transfer SEO Settings From WordPress Theme To Plugin?

In my first post, I have informed you that I am breaking up with the thesis theme and I am migrating to the topic of origin. After using the thesis theme for 4 years, I realized that it was a big mistake to rely on WordPress theme for SEO configuration. Thesis was a great topic, but recently it has become a dying wordpress theme and there is no support especially for low support and popular wordpress plugins like SEO by Yoast, I have no reason to stick it.

How To Transfer SEO Settings From WordPress Theme To Plugin
How To Transfer SEO Settings From WordPress Theme To Plugin

I will soon be increasing the ShoutMeLoud theme for Genesis, because now I started using SEO by Yoast, since its other WordPress sites started from Origination and SEO. One of the biggest challenges is to transfer all SEO settings from the theme to Youtube via WordPress Yoast I hit a simple plugin, which can migrate any other theme or plugin from your theme to your existing theme.

In this tutorial, I will share about the plugin, I will talk about the process and some important things that need to be taken care of after migrating SEO settings.

SEO Data Transportation: Transfer WordPress SEO Settings

SEO Data Transport is a free plugin available in the WordPress Plugin, it still works perfectly well. Using this plugin you can move the SEO settings to many supported plugins and themes. At the time of writing, this plugin supports –

Supported WordPress Themes:

  • Builder

  • Catalyst

  • Frugal

  • Origin

  • Progress

  • Hybrid

  • Thesis (1.x and 2.x)

  • WooFramework

Supported WordPress Plugins:

  • Add meta tag

  • All in one SEO

  • Greg’s high performance SEO

  • Headspace2

  • Meta SEO Pack

  • Platinum SEO

  • SEO Final

  • WordPress SEO

You can transfer theme or theme from any of the above plug-ins to the SEO settings for the plugin of your choice. It is useful for anyone who is changing his SEO plugin or changing his subject.

Slice of advice: Use an SEO plugin to manage your blog’s SEO settings.

In my situation I was using the old version of thesis (1.x), and what I had to do, the thesis SEO setting was transferred by the SEO by the Yoast.

Here are the steps which I took to migrate my SEO settings:

  • Installed Genesis Theme and SEO by Yoast Plugin on the blog. (Activate both)

  • Installed and activated SEO Data transporter plugin

  • Go to tools> SEO Data transport

First click on the analysis, which will show all the relevant records that are migrated. If you see 0 (zero) corresponding records, then it means there is no corresponding data to move. In my case it shows relevant data and clicks on Convert, Yoast plugin has migrated all of them to SEO.

You have to take this simple step in order to move SEO settings from one theme to another.

Important things to know:

  • This plug-in will mainly move the meta title, meta description, and meta keyword values.

  • Other home settings such as home titles, home details, no index will not be migrated. So you have to manually configure it on the new plugin.

  • Even after transferring the data, make sure to ensure that the SEO data has been transferred or not.

Overall SEO Data Transporter is a useful plugin for any WordPress blogger which is changing your theme (depends on the theme for SEO settings) or SEO plugin.

If you have long been associated with your current topic or plugin for the same reason as I mentioned above, then it is time to make a big step for you. Do not forget to share this post with others, as it can help to learn how to transfer SEO values ​​from one plugin to another.

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