TweetLater-Auto Follow Twitter Users Free Twitter Services

TweetLater-Auto Follow Twitter Users Free Twitter Services

A theme, which always makes a topic of discussion, adheres to Auto Follow Twitter Users. Many social media Maven suggests that this is a good practice and many people say it is good to maintain a Twitter profile where you can follow only the selected and targeted user.


However, everyone wants to follow as a Twitter user, but automating this process can lead to many problems like you auto-finish after a spam and automatic Twitter profile. However, if you are using tools like twains or tweetsdesk, you can easily filter them from your Twitter timeline.

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Twitter is a free service that allows you to keep in touch with people through a quick and consistent answer to a simple question: Where are you? what are you doing?

It is very important to follow your followers to build a better relationship with your followers and if you are a Power Twitter user, then you would like to automate Twitter as soon as possible.

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Here I am talking about a tool call, Sushlumf, which was previously known as Tweeter. This service is more than the auto-follow feature, but for now, give discus to only one of them and you can find this tool here. This tool has both free and pro versions, but the free version lets you follow auto on Twitter.

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Tweetlater (now socialoomph) is a good service, which provides you with many other functionality such as schedule your tweets, follow your welcome message and auto follow to your followers.

Go to TweetLater, login, register. To manage the account, click on the Twitter account, which you want to use for auto after your followers.

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Now enter the information, and check the auto follow user in the last box !!

Therefore, once you enable this feature, it will not only follow new Twitter followers but you can configure to send an automated message.

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This will help you add personalization and you can also create new adherent land on your landing page or tell them about yourself. I usually ask new fans to connect to the Facebook fan page, but you can have your own strategy. An optional service you can use is what you can access here

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