Unique Apps for Your Android Device

Unique Apps for Your Android Device

Android is one of the most open, versatile and customizable operating systems. It offers many interesting features and applications. Here are some useful and unique apps for your Android phone.

  1. Tasker 

    Tasker App-Unique Apps for Your Android Device
    Tasker App-Unique Apps for Your Android Device

You must have heard of Tasker, the awesome automation app that gives you the tool you need to turn your smartphone into a fully automated super-phone. The app that automates just anything on your phone. After you root your device, you can access the full features of the tasker. Some work, such as 3G, changing GPS, changing the speed of the CPU, turning on the screen and other interesting features require root access.

  1. SetCPU

SetCPU is an app for changing your device’s display and battery life. With the help of SetCPU, you can overclock your device for better performance about the speed and also under the watch for battery life. This Android application requires root permissions.

  1. Airdroid

With the help of this app, you can control your phone without any wired connection through your computer. You do not need to install any software on your computer to use it. The main features of this app are data transfer, app installation, reading and writing of SMS and rejecting calls.

  1. Shush

This app is very useful for students and business people. It does only one thing, but it’s great: when you keep your phone shut, it gives you a dialog box with which you can choose how long you want your phone to remain silent. After a specific time period, this volume puts it back for you.

  1. WiFi Keyboard

Most of us have to face difficulties while typing large messages on our device. But you can easily type with the help of WiFi keyboard. With the WiFi keyboard you can type on your Android device using the keyboard of any PC using this app and browser.

  1. Greenify 

We can face problems with apps that run in the background. But you can easily get a solution with the help of Greenwich The app automatically hibernates the application you are not using. This is perfect for apps that you want to always run in the background when you do not use it. Are there. But you have to give root permissions to use this app.

  1. Alarm Clock Plus

Use this app if you want to get up early in the morning. You can set an alarm with different time and ringtone and you have to solve an equation to close the alarm.

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