How to Use OnePress Social Locker to Increase Your Social Media Following?

How to Use OnePress Social Locker to Increase Your Social Media Following?

One of Blogger’s many things to reach a broad spectator is that it wants to promote its social media, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter or Google +. The more people who follow you on these platforms, the more risk you get for your blog.

OnePress Social Locker
OnePress Social Locker

Increasing your social media followers is not as easy as it sounds. If you do not have a budget, getting followers on Facebook, Twitter and any other platform will prove to be a continuous process.

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Some strategies work well, like the social sharing button on your blog. However, people can share your content in their social media profiles, but are not required on your network or you will not be able to add.

So can you motivate someone to follow you with a genuine interest in what you have to say? Give them something in return. They say that these days nothing comes for free, but the payment does not need to be monetary.

How does “Payment plus / Tweet” work?

A clever way to get more Facebook, Twitter or Google + followers is to lock your best content and your readers first have to follow them so that they can unlock and read it.

Note that this content should be unique and helpful to your readers – something that they can pay for real money.

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Sharing this method of content with “pay with a choice” or “pay with a tweet” and likewise, on the basis of your social network of your choice.

So how do you go about locking the content and paying readers with social follow-up?

A WordPress plugin called OnePress Social Lockerwill work for you.

Once you have installed the plugin, you will be able to set up “lockers” for the specified content on your blog. Such as:

On the left menu pane on your WordPress Dashboard, select “New locker” under the Social Locker menu header.

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This will bring you to the next page where you can choose to choose social locker or sign-in locker. The difference between the two is briefly explained on the page. In short, to create a social locker, users are required to like, share or follow their social profiles, while sign-in requires a user to sign in using their social media accounts, and then you can add other actions for them to log in (follow, tweet, subscribe). If you want users to subscribe to your email list, you must first install the opt-in panda plugin.

To determine which tasks a user can choose, go to “Social Options” and click on each social network and toggle ON / OFF button for each as needed. For example, if you click a button like Facebook, you will have to enter the URL of your Facebook page which you want to like the reader.

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Do this for your favorite social network. At this time, Free OnePress Social Locker can be integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube and LinkedIn. The free plugin allows you to access two social networks, while the premium version unlocks all networks and tasks.

Once you work with the settings, click the “Publish” button.

To apply a locker to your content, find “Manual locking” under the Publish or Update button and see the shortcode. Apply a shortcode to the content that you want to lock. For example, I found a shortcode: [sociallocker id = “444”] [/ sociallocker].

There is also a batch locking option that allows you to automatically lock specific parts of your blog post – which is not really ideal and I do not recommend using this feature.

More options for your locker are found on the right panel of the page beginning with visibility options and advanced options. Some additional features are showing a close button for the locker, or disabling the locker for registered members of your website.

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Although a free version is enough to get a hang of it. For the experienced and pro user, I recommend buying a supportive version which is only for $ 24, and comes with free lifetime updates.

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