Some Useful Things about WordPress that You Should Know About

Some Useful Things about WordPress that You Should Know About

WordPress is a wonderful effective content management system and blogging platform.

Some Useful Things about WordPress that You Should Know About
Some Useful Things about WordPress that You Should Know About

It has functionality within its basic PHP interiors, making it the most flexible and easy to use website from the easiest blog to a full blown business ecommerce site.

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Most WordPress functionality can be clearly visible and accessible from the user interface in the admin panel.

Although there are some other less obvious but powerful functional features available that you are available when you pass WordPress deeper in the interior.

WordPress Template Hierarchy

WordPress uses a hierarchical template structure that determines how it presents a particular page or looks for your current active theme.

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The mechanics of this hierarchy are quite simple. Whenever he is trying to present or view a particular page, WordPress will automatically check the existence of some template files in your Theme folder.

If we want to automatically display such a page in a customized way, then we can create a template file called “page-products.php” and put it in our theme directory.

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In this file we will write our code how we want to present this page. For example, we want to delete any footer or sidebar or display a list of post excerpts in a particular category.

WordPress will then present the “product” page automatically according to the code in the page-products.php template file without any other configuration on our products.

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There is also a similar mechanism for other visual types such as categories, posts, tags, etc.


Detecting template hierarchy features can enhance the functionality of your theme and it can be a useful and powerful way to display specific pages.

For more information about creating your own page template, see our post “How to create a custom WordPress page template”. For a deep technical overview of the templates, please see the WordPress codecs documentation.

WordPress Child Theme

Another powerful and useful feature of WordPress is Child Theme functionality.

As defined in, a child theme is:

“A topic that inherits the functionality of any other subject, which is called the basic subject, and allows you to modify or add functionality to that core topic”

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For example, suppose you have recently discovered what you thought about your dream and you found this new theme on your site only that you want to change some of its appearance or functionality.

Instead of hacking the code of the theme, and then whenever you update the version, worrying about worrying about keeping the changes back, worrying about making a child theme is often the most clean and easy choice. it happens.

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To make your child’s theme, you simply create a new folder in the / wp-content / themes / directory with the name of your child’s subject.

For example, if you want to modify the twentieth theme and want to make a child theme.

The only compulsory file style.css file needed for a child theme to work is that you will create in your child directory.

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When creating your style.css file, you will need to use a conference, so that the comment at the top of the file should be in a certain format.

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