How to Watch YouTube Videos on iPad with Pictures?

How to Watch YouTube Videos on iPad with Pictures?

Journalists can use the reverse search option to find the original source of the image and also know about the approximate date on the photo for the first time. Photographers can use the ‘search by image’ feature to learn about other websites using your photos.

How to Watch YouTube Videos on iPad with Pictures?
How to Watch YouTube Videos on iPad with Pictures?

Reverse image search on mobile devices

The small problem is that ‘Search by Image’ is available only on desktop computers, not on mobile devices and tablets. Thus, if a friend has sent you an image on WhatsApp or Facebook that you want to verify, then you have to first transfer the photograph to the desktop to reverse search. Too much work, right?

Not anymore. I’ve written a small app that lets you search reverse on the mobile browser. Visit on your mobile phone, click on the “Select Image” button and select an image from your phone’s photo gallery. Click on the next “Search” and this will upload your image as a desktop version on Google Images.

Find related images with Google Images on mobile devices.

I tested the Search app on Chrome for Android and Safari for the iPad, but it should work on most other devices since using the standard other HTML5 file system API. Internally, it takes your image file, converts it into Base 64 (Data URI) and submits the encoded image as an HTTP POST request to Google Image. The browser then automatically redirects to the search page.

There is also another work that will allow you to use the official Google Image Search website for reverse search on mobile devices. Open the Chrome browser on Android and under Settings, select “Request desktop site”. Now open and you should see the camera icon to upload an image for search.

The YouTube app picture on iPad also supports these pictures, but it will only work if the app itself is in the foreground. When you explore other videos within the YouTube app, you can watch a YouTube video in PIP mode, but as soon as you switch to another iOS app, the video will stop playing.

Picture of YouTube and iOS 9 in the picture

Would not it be nice if you are reacting to emails or checking out your Twitter stream while watching movies on YouTube as well as watching movies on YouTube?

Meet YouTube PIP, my latest web app that lets you watch YouTube videos using Picture in Picture mode in YouTube. When you’re inside the YouTube app, tap the share button and copy the link to the YouTube video (URL). Open Youtube PIP in your Safari browser, paste the YouTube URL and click on the Play button.

The YouTube video player will have a photo-in-picture icon in which you can tap to separate the video from Safari. Now switch to Mail, or any other iOS app and YouTube will not stop playing the video. Apart from this youtube video will support “true” full screen mode which is not available inside the YouTube app.

The trick is very simple. When you paste the YouTube video url, the app embeds the YouTube video into HTML5 mode. And because it’s an HTML5 video, PIP controls are available automatically. This should work for all YouTube videos that support embedding on external websites.

Picture mode is supported on all iPad models including iPad Pro, iPad mini and iPad Air in Picture mode. Android does not support PIP but there is a group of apps that will keep the YouTube video in the foreground.

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