How Does Your Website Look on an iPad?

How Does Your Website Look on an iPad?

Wondering how your websites look on an iPad? Now you can actually test the design of any website without any apple ipad.

Website Look on an iPad
Website Look on an iPad

If you want to know how your website design looks like 9.7 “on the screen of the Apple iPad, you can either borrow your friend’s iPad for some time, order an order for you from eBay (if you are in the US Do not live) or just read it.

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Step 1: Start your Firefox (or Safari) browser and change the user agent string to the Apple iPad. You can also use Google Chrome but it works very hard to change user agents in Chrome.

Step 2: Disable Adobe Flash plug-in from your browser settings.

Step 3: Open and type the URL of any website in the “virtual” iPad’s built-in Safari browser.

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This tool will present websites by default in landscape mode but you can click the page orientation from landscape to portrait mode and the top edge of the iPad image to switch back.

The screen resolution of your current desktop is probably more than the iPad (which is 1024-by-780 pixels), so this tool can not exactly imitate the iPad web browser, but it can be as close as possible without the real thing.

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You can use the site to view other iPad-friendly websites like Google, Yahoo! News, Facebook, Gmail and so on There is also an on-screen keyboard when you click on the address bar (like the actual iPad) but it is non functional.

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