Websites for Learn Stuffs For Free

Websites for Learn Stuffs For Free

As everyone knows, knowledge is everything, people spend money on books, participate in classes and do other things to overcome new and desirable things. But as you know, the era is changing completely, you no longer need to join classes to spend money on books or fulfill your hobbies. The stuff you want is a strong Internet connection and it will have the power to do it. You can easily learn through internet.

Here we present some websites, of which you can learn through the internet.

  1. Photography

People prefer photography, many of us have a hidden desire inside to learn photography. Photography means that it is best to capture the beauty of nature. You should have the skills to do this. If you want to start the basics then you should go to the photography course website. On, you will find articles about free tutorials and professionals. You can also look up vocabulary for learning the vocabulary of photography.

2.Computer Programming

Well, many of us want to be a geek in computers and want to learn computer programming that it is necessary to complete. It takes time to go to institutions and learn. On the other hand, you can easily learn it at your home. Java Script, PHP, Python, Ruby are examples of some languages ​​that people want to learn. For this, you can go to Codecademy and find everything there. But if you are a newbie, then you have to start with the Harold Abelson book.

  1. New Language

There is a desire to go to another country or just learn a foreign language and there is not enough time or money to know that you still have the option of knowing it with the help of internet, English, French, German, Italian foreign languages There are some examples of people who want to learn. You can go to OpenCulture to fulfill your desire to learn language.

  1. Cooking

Want to make sweet dishes for your lover, for your family or just to improve your cooking skills? No matter what reason you have, but you can easily improve your skills. In cooking, all the games are about small tips that make the dishes delicious. You can find these tips on SimplyRecipies.

Websites for Learn Stuffs For Free
Websites for Learn Stuffs For Free
  1. Artistic Skills

People also have a hidden desire to be an artistically artistic means to show skills or excellence in execution. If you are interested in learning art to develop your personality, then you should go to the Artifactory. This is a good website that will give you the technique to enhance your artistic skills.

  1. Self Defense

Due to the increase in crime, self defense is necessary for life People always wanted to learn and improve their self defense skills, but due to time and lack, they are unable to fulfill it. But you can easily learn it through the internet. LifeHacker provides a page guide that will teach you the basics of self defense and train you for the future.

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