Why FeedDemon is Better Than Google Reader and Bloglines?

Why FeedDemon is Better Than Google Reader and Bloglines?

Find out why Feeddemon software is better than Google Reader or BlogLines to subscribe and read RSS news feeds.

Why FeedDemon is Better Than Google Reader and Bloglines?
Why FeedDemon is Better Than Google Reader and Bloglines?

I was introduced to the RSS for the first time about five years ago by a colleague, who was using some Newsgator add-in to read RSS feeds inside Microsoft Outlook. Later I moved to FeedDemon and has since been a loyal user.

New upgrades from web readers such as Google Reader or BlogLines are attractive to attract, but none of them still match desktop-based Feeddemon. Let’s look at 10 features in FeedDemon that distinguish this software from most of the competition that comes from online news readers.

  1. Personal Techmem – Feeddemon is an in-built mem-tracker that shows all the popular RSS news stories you have subscribed to. It’s like Techmeme or Megite, but only for those feeds you have chosen.
  2. Flickr Photos Strips, Newspaper Themes – If you subscribe to Flickr RSS Feeds, you want to look like a photo album compared to plain text. With FeedDemon, you can define different visual styles for individual subscriptions so that your happiness of reading RSS feeds is doubled.
  3. Delete Dinosaurs – Feeddemon shows a list of RSS feeds in your membership, which are not updated in the last 2-3 months so you can safely end membership from them. You also find out about the feeds that are on your reading list, but you rarely read them – perhaps it can also be removed.
  4. Desktop Alert – Like particles, FeedDemon can show desktop alerts because new stories come in your preferred feed. The software can stay at least in your system tray and check the new content in the background.
  5. Windows Live Writer – If you are a blogger and use Windows Live Writer to post stories to your blog, then FeedDemon can make you more productive. You can right-click an item in FeedDemon and send it directly to the Windows Live Writer to publish or copy it to the clipboard for full publication.
  6. FeedDemon Download Manager – If there are enclosures in RSS feeds (like you are a member of audio or video podcast), use the Inbuilt Download Manager in FeedDemon to download episodes on your desktop. No need for iTunes
  7. Reduce RSS Strain – RSS is not like email – so you do not have to read everything. If your reader has very unread stories, then this new panic button will allow you to mark all the items that were read more than 48 hours ago.
  8. Offline reading – If you plan to read your RSS Feeds on an airplane (or anywhere that has no internet connection), FeedDemon can prefects all the pictures and links for you, so that you can stay offline. Be accessible to you during feeds.
  9. Shared Items – Like items shared in Google Reader, Newsgator has a feature called “Web Clipping” where you can share your favorite news stories. A separate RSS feed is syndicated through Newsgator Online in each clipping folder. Tumblr style is great for creating blogs.
  10. Discover Your Favorite Feeds – You do not have to tell FeedBurner about your favorite feed – it automatically detects and sorts the feeds that attract your maximum attention to your subscription. Similar to trends in Google Reader

What is lacking? FeedDemon is tightly integrated with Newsgator Online which is good but is not so popular as Google Reader or Bloglines. If there was a way to make FeedDemon with Google Reader, then nothing could beat the combination.

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