Wikipedia is Available as a Printed Book

Wikipedia is Available as a Printed Book

If the entire Wikipedia encyclopedia was available as a physical print book, then it would spread to 7500 segments.

Wikipedia is Available as a Printed Book
Wikipedia is Available as a Printed Book

The English version of Wikipedia Encyclopedia contains about 5 million articles, and if a person had to print the entire Wikipedia encyclopedia in a book, the size of the printed book would be approximately equivalent to the 2000+ versions of the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

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Robert Mathew, a UK-based graphics design student, converted 5000 pages of Wikipedia into a printed book in 2012.

They downloaded a few hundred specialized articles from Wikipedia and tied them together in a physical book, which was approximately 1’7 “thick.

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Rob’s website ( has been taken by the Domain Squattor, but the printed Wikipedia book Photos are saved.

While Rob restricted his printed book to featured articles, Michael Mandirberg’s team had an ambitious plan.

They are working on creating complete English-language Wikipedia in print format.

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There are approximately 7500 volumes in this work, each of which is made up of 700 pages, and you will soon order different volumes from Lulu.

Projects and exhibitions launched in Denny Gallery this month can see the process in real time because Wikipedia pages are converted into digital books and are uploaded to Lulu.

Print your own Wikipedia book

Wikipedia contains an inbuilt book manufacturer that will allow anyone to add anonymous non-logged users, create eBooks from Wikipedia articles.

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You can download these eBooks as PDF files or send them to a print-on-demand service like Lulu or Pidipoint and a custom printed book made from your favorite Wikipedia pages.

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