How to Work Offline in Google Chrome?

How to Work Offline in Google Chrome?

Did you know that you can read web pages inside Google Chrome even if you are not connected to the internet. All you have to do is enable offline mode setting.

How to Work Offline in Google Chrome?
How to Work Offline in Google Chrome?

When you open any web page inside Google Chrome, it connects to the Internet, receives the latest version of the page from the server and displays it on your screen. If your computer is offline, Chrome will display an error message with a dinosaur * image that says it is unable to connect to the Internet.

This Tyrannosaurus rex (or T-rex)  dinosaur, which had small arms, and the image probably shows that like dinosaurs, Chrome could not reach the Internet due to its small arms.

Web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox provide offline mode that saves a copy of web pages while browsing the Internet and displays local copies when you are not connected to the internet. Thus, if you are taking flight, you can open all the web pages that you want to read later, close the browser and the page will still be available for reading when your computer is offline.

Google Chrome does not offer offline mode by default but Eddie Osmani shares a hidden setting that will bring the offline feature to your browser.

Offline browsing inside Google Chrome

Inside Chrome, type chrome: // flags / #enabled-offline-mode in the address bar, click “Enable” and restart your browser. If the page you try to use is available in the local cache, then your Chrome will now serve the “not connected to the Internet” error.

Google Chrome caches HTML styles, images, javascript, and CSS stylesheets associated with a page so that your offline copy does not look very different from the original. However, if there are resources for which an active Internet connection is required, such as JavaScript widgets or videos, they will be replaced with placeholder images.

To test the feature, open any page inside Chrome, turn off your Wi-Fi or disconnect Ethernet cable, and restart the browser. If offline mode is enabled, the cached version will appear on your screen.

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