WPEngine Review: WordPress Engine You Should Never Drive

WPEngine Review: WordPress Engine You Should Never Drive

Being a good web-hosting is one of the most important aspects of any growing or established blog.

WPEngine Review: WordPress Engine You Should Never Drive
WPEngine Review: WordPress Engine You Should Never Drive

One of the most difficult tasks to cope with your blog is choosing the right web hosting company. There are so many options, especially when you have a small and medium size WordPress blog, you are good to go with a budget hosting like Bluehost, but when your WordPress blog starts growing rapidly, the task becomes difficult and you need more server resources to handle increasing traffic.

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In the past, I have tried various hosting companies like Linode, Knownhost t and some others. Linode had unmanaged VPS and Knownhost was a managed VPS, but due to the complex nature of my WordPress configuration, I decided to go away and find a solution that gives me complete peace of mind.

My goal with new hosting was to forget about hosting a headache and focus on what I’m good at blogging. At that time I came to know about managed WordPress hosting and I stumbled on WPEngine hosting. With all the features and complete hassle free hosting solutions for WordPress, I ended up signing up for them and started paying $ 250 / month for my hosting.

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You have to think, why pay that amount when I can get a dedicated server at the same price, and I will not say that you are wrong, but the thing is that, I wanted to have complete peace of mind. To deal with hosting issues, I wanted to spend not even a week or even a day, because the one thing I have learned so far is “Time is money”

Their overage fees are really a big hole in the pocket for any medium and large publishers that you and those you are on WPEngine or any hosting that is on a journey / trip.

Technically, when you buy webhosting from any company, you usually pay attention to how many visitors they allow in their package.

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This shows how many visits you are receiving in pages, feeds and static assets (images, JavaScript files, CSS files, etc.). Visitors to your site can access one, two or three types, but we can only access your The overall visitor will be counted as a trip in counting. However, if you break into this section, you will be shown whether you want to link or mostly linking in your RSS feed National party website or email campaign because of their embedded getting access to large amounts of your images. WP Engine does not charge for those traveling on business who hit only favicon.ico or robots.txt.

Keep a note that I have implemented Cloudways to ignore the Bad Bots Visit, otherwise you are here to see that my fees will be at least 1.5 x. Adding more to it, I was paying for images or images with hot links that were shared on Twitter, email newsletters and elsewhere.

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If you add all of the points above, you will see that WPEngine is not really technically scamming for sound.

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