How to Write Meta Tags and Keywords for Improved Search Engine Rankings?

How to Write Meta Tags and Keywords for Improved Search Engine Rankings?

These tips are from Yahoo! Find out how to include meta tags, keywords, and descriptions in your articles that rank your web pages in organic search results.

Think About Your Audience: What word will your customers use to find your site? If you are not sure, ask your friends, family and colleagues for ideas.

Include Variations: People will search your site using all kinds of search terms, including plurals, misspellings, and synonyms. Be sure to consider these when choosing your keywords.

Check Out Your Competition: If you are having trouble thinking about search terms, take a look at competitors’ sites. What keywords are they using? Do you include the words you are missing?

Remember the Basics: Enter your keywords according to importance, and be sure to use the keywords that actually appear in the content of your page. Repeat more than twice the keyword (and not continuously!), Separate your keywords with a comma, and place the list under 256 characters.

Be Specific: Because there is a lot of competition for general keywords, so you have to choose specific phrases to separate yourself. For example, if you choose shoes as your keyword, you will never get good results – it is very broad. Instead, select words or phrases like women’s patent leather high heels or canvas basketball sneakers San Francisco. The more specific your keywords, the more targeted your traffic.

Page Description Meta Tags: Description text should be readable and interesting, and also includes one or two keywords appearing in the related page. Make sure your description does not exceed 256 characters. Be sure to include one or two keywords and if possible, keep them close to the be

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