Yahoo Messenger invisible detector online website

Yahoo Messenger invisible detector online website

Yahoo Messenger is one of the most popular IM services in which there are many features and one of them is Yahoo invisible status. It is not necessary to say that it hurts at the time when you have to talk to your friend and he does not answer. Well, here I got an idea of ​​compiling a list of Yahoo Messenger invisible detector sites, which can give me the address of the actual status of my Yahoo mess.

Yahoo Messenger invisible detector online website
Yahoo Messenger invisible detector online website

However, I’m not 100% sure how effective this Yahoo Messenger tracker site is, but the last time I checked, it was perfectly fine for me.

There are some other tricks like using the Yahoo Doodle environment from which you can find that people are actually online and offline. If you are new to this Yahoo doodle detector trick, then just open a chat box for the friend you want to check, load the doodle environment and if it loads it means your friend is online but invisible and if it is not, then that means your friend is not online.

Some desktop software such as Buddy-Spy also works great but it is paid software. So now, pay attention to some free solutions.

Before this, you can use Yahoo Profile ( to find a user’s visible or invisible status, however, after the new Yahoo profile, it does not work. So we’ll look at some sites we can use to track and track the status of our friends.

Yahoo Messenger invisible detector site list:

Words of caution, do not just follow any links from search engines and give your Yahoo login credentials. Check WOT scores for such sites and then enter your login. Below, when I wrote the post, the listed by me were listed and they work perfectly when you want to find invisible Yahoo users.

Yahoo! Status:

A simple and simple site that asks you to enter your yahoo friend’s ID and it will immediately show their online status.


MySpytool is again one of the famous Yahoo Status Tracker site. It offers some additional features for free, such as you can add 12 buddy IDs and it will show you their current online status and status for the last 24 hours. This is very useful, if you want to show your friend or your gf at 6 o’clock position. This site requires registration but it is completely free. This site requires registration for user yahoo status tracking, and you can monitor up to 12 user accounts.


YmDetector is another interesting site to detect the status of Yahoo Messenger user. It detects any Yahoo user’s invisible status. Along with this, this site also offers more options as you can download user avatar avatar and you can add chat or click on that user. I think this Yahoo tracker site is the most professional and well-organized. You can add multiple users and you can click on the name to cheat their current status. See screenshot below:


Check YmDetector

Now, this is also an interesting website which has added a very useful feature. Along with checking your friend’s online status, you can also search for a friend on Facebook using Yahoo ID. All you have to do is give your friend’s Yahoo id in the Facebook Friend Detector Page and it will show if the user is available on Facebook or not. For example, I searched for a random Yahoo username “Facebook” and it showed me a user profile on Facebook and you can add that friend directly. And it’s similar to the Messenger detector YmDetector.

There are many more tracker sites, which you can easily find using “Yahoo Status Tracker” “Yahoo Invisible Finder” and more. However, almost all of them work in the same way and I would advise you to choose any of the above. I will update this article, as soon as we have more such options. However, if you know any desktop-based option for locating users’ status, then let me know

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